Friday, July 2, 2010


TGI Illustration Friday! This week's prompt is "giant".

I remember once when I was a little kid. A friend and I were in my backyard smashing ants with plastic croquet mallets. At one point, my friend - a boy - commented, "His family is probably going to miss him tonight", referring to the recently murdered ant. And yet, the carnage continued.

I, however, stopped and pondered that idea. Did ants have families? Was I killing Mom? Dad? Uncle Joe? I never felt right about smashing ants after that.

In hopes that the Karma doesn't catch up to me, I dedicate this week's Illustration Friday submission to the powerful ant. A true giant among bugs.

And.... uh.... sorry about Uncle Joe.


  1. a sweet homage to a helpless victim. Nice one Abby.And a great story.

  2. I love this illustration!

    And I'm happy to hear that you don't purposefully smash ants anymore.

    I only resort to violence when the fire ants attack and sting me just because I happened to walk by their hood.

    I don't like doing it but man, those things hurt and it's just a reflex. :P

  3. Love this illustration. I think there's a Pixar movie in there somewhere!

    I have never worried about the families of the bugs I kill. And I kill a lot of them. I'm sorry, but I just can't bring myself to worry about spider families. They have no business being inside my house. I will continue to take great joy in smashing Uncle Joes with Mark's shoes. (Mark's shoes... because I sure don't want spider guts on MY shoes!)

  4. I feel badly for bugs, too.

    Especially when i feel them to my frogs! In fact, I cannot deal with that anymore so I only use the freeze-dried crickets.

  5. That's not Uncle Joe....
    It's Ant Mavis.

  6. I used to have an aunt that looked like that...

    I'm with terri on that one. I have little tolerance for a large portion of the insect kingdom. Spiders, ants, wasps, horseflies are all fair game at our hacienda. As for roaches, I'll go out of my way to eliminate that species. Nothing will scare the bejesus out of you like a 3 inch long roach landing on you.

  7. Remind me not
    to live amywhere with 3 inch roaches. I am not even sure I want to visit, however nice drawing. I wonder if that childhood friend did, anytime hard time. Wo takes pleasure in wondering about the consequences of exoskeleton structural failure?

  8. Excellent concept and drawing. I like that what your friend said has stuck with you.

    I go out of my way to put bugs outside if I see them in the house, but there are a few that scare me and my initial response is to crush them. I always feel bad after.

  9. We used to take the glowing part out of lightening bugs and make rings and bracelets that glow in the dark. How awful! Love your drawing, and I feel better now for having confessed!

  10. I'm okay feeding crickets to baby birds. It's all part of nature. But wantonly killing things I have a problem with. When my boys were little, we had a rule--"You kill it, you eat it," which stopped a lot of that.

    I like the drawing a lot. Great texture.