Friday, June 4, 2010


*POOF* it's Friday! Already Illustration Friday! This week's illustration prompt is "trail". So, why the smoking chick?

Well, thing is, years ago, I used to smoke. Not a whole lot, mind you. It started out innocently enough. I worked in a restaurant where it was very common to smoke around the break table. Cooks did it, waitresses did it, dishwashers did it, and eventually I did it.

And it didn't just confine itself to the work break table. Soon enough, friends and I were smoking when we'd go out together for fun. One thing though, I notice that I always only smoked in social situations. Never alone. I guess that counts for something.

This may seem kind of a surprising revelation to people who know me now and perhaps think of me as a bit of a health nut. Well, they're only half right.

Compared to many "quitters", I smoked relatively little. When I stopped, I just stopped and went on. But still... still to this day... over two decades later, I still feel like lighting up now and again. I don't, but sometimes I catch myself just staring at someone who is smoking. Just staring and staring and getting lost.

Lost in that enticing, alluring, mesmerizing, slow, deadly trail of smoke.


  1. Great illustration! I can relate 100%...I love the smell of 'old smoke' after visiting friends. Something about a dinner party/glass of wine/good convo that brings out the smoker. ;)

  2. Very nice drawing! I really like her contemplative attitude. Relaxed!

  3. She's got.......the look.

    I've had a temptation to cross my path that made me smile. But I resisted.

  4. Abby, first of all I am happy for you. Keep fighting the good fight and enjoy those healthy lungs. Now about your submission...The choice of colors, the richness of the color surrounding her, and the subdued color you filled her with give the piece great impact, she is almost dressed in rags as she takes a puff, the fight is in her she just needs to take the first step! I love it!

  5. My father used to smoke when he was younger too. He quit because his boss bet him that he couldn't. Clever boss!

    Good for you for quitting though - bet your lungs are happier for it!

  6. I used to smoke too. For me, it went beyond social smoking. It was an off and on thing for years. And then one day I decided I'd had enough. It was tough to quit, but I have had no desire to smoke ever since.

    The smoking girl... she epitomizes so many people I know who still smoke.

  7. Your image does have that feeling - nice to be invited in to understand. Never smoked, but the drawing makes me wonder...

  8. Same here, I've always just been a casual smoker. It's allowed!