Friday, February 5, 2010


I went for a short bike ride yesterday. It had snowed overnight on Wednesday, so their was a thin layer of fresh fluffy snow on the ground in the morning. By noon, however, the snow had mostly melted and left the familiar mud everywhere.

Mud can make such interesting designs on a bicycling person.

Little splats, bigger splats, clusters of splats - one never knows what one will look like once one reachest one's destination. My destination happened to be a nearby grocery store. I was on a fishing expedition - to frozen foods.

I didn't actually get too muddied, and for that, I would like to thank my trusty backpack. This backpack goes with me most everytime I am running errands via bicycle. I keep my bicycle paraphernalia in there: lock, gloves, little keyring with everyone's library cards on it, bandana for tying up the pant leg...

It loyally shields my backside from onslaughts of mud. I can wipe my front off, clean off the glasses, and not worry much about having missed a spot from my back and butt because the backpack takes the hit for me in those locations.

I know it's just a backpack, but it's almost like a companion. We've ridden many miles together and when it's not with me on a ride, I feel like something's missing. It serves as my support crew, carrying various items like snacks, wallet, maps, cell phone, etc.

And it takes the mud hits for me.

"Muddy" is the topic at Illustration Friday this week. So... an ode to my backpack.


  1. did YOU draw that backpack? If so, v. good!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. did YOU draw that backpack? If so, v. good!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Yeah, I'm wanting to post something artsy from myself each Friday, so I'm using Illustration Friday to push me along.

  4. nice drawing, and way to save the planet by riding your bike in all sorts of inclimate weather, but did the Tea get moved?

  5. I used to really love my purse, but now it just sort of pales in comparison to your backpack. I can't even wear it on my back. But it does carry lots of stuff. The whole family shoves stuff in there when they don't feel like carrying their ipods, phones, glasses, etc.

  6. I love a good backpack. Way more useful & practical than a briefcase or ots bag.

    Very nice rendition of your pack. I can almost guess which brand it is.

  7. I'm thinking of getting a backpack...

  8. The boys have much the same issue with mud...except they aim for the puddles, hahaha.