Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

And a lovely week it's been - so much so, that I really must find other adjectives besides "lovely", I've realized.

For starters, we did get back to some winter weather, but nothing like other parts of the country are seeing. It snowed. It melted. I rode my bicycle without hardly a blink.

We upgraded Chaco's bank account and he now has a debit card. I think that's a good thing, time will tell.

I've been McTutoring a high schooler. We live quite a distance apart, so we meet in the middle. Original plan was to meet at a small branch library, and when that didn't really work out so great (you call this loud, raucous, no-tables-to-speak-of, place a LIBRARY?!?) we decided to meet at the McDonald's across the street. My student is doing well and he loves that we meet at McDonald's. Feels right at home amid the teens that are typically there making out and whatnot at that time of day.

On that note, work continues to be fun and busy. The LSAT class is wrapping up, and I actually had to turn down a couple of assignment requests this week because I just didn't have time in the schedule.

And, as mentioned, I've been playing with my paints and brushes and pencils, etc. One medium I'm not too sure of is watercolor, so I endeavored to become more familiar. Let me say that I feel like a fish out of water when it comes to watercolor, so I took a stab at it by attempting this fish out of water. I think it turned out rather Junior High looking, but was a worthwhile exercise, and I'll play some more. Things may not look too good for this fish, but it has a determined look about it.

Self portrait.


Adam said...

good luck on the artsy endeavors! I should really start that back up again sometime...I used to be pretty decent back in the day.

Duble said...

You ride yoru bike in this?

Did you ever take the LSAT? What did you get on it, I hate that test.

Kids make out and what not at mcdonalds?

nice fish, I wish my artisit abilities rose to that of junior high lvl.

terri said...

If you can manage some successful tutoring in the middle of a McDonald's restaurant, more power to ya! I think I'd be tempted to order a shake every time I was there. Especially those Shamrock ones!

Your art is impressive. Your "junior high" talents far surpass anything I could do.

agg79 said...

Tutoring in McDonalds. I'd find that too distracting, but, then again, that's what it takes to hold the attention of the younger generation. What's next? Holding your LSAT class in a Chili's?

And you may feel your drawings look sophmoric (that's my 5 dollar word for the day), but I think they are good building blocks for you to stretch your skills/impagination.