Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silver Liningness Sunday

Hmmm.... anything special happen this past week? Well, there WAS that Christmas thing...

Yes, a special week it was. I'm still basking in the afterglow. It was a low-key Christmas day this year, much like our low-key Thanksgiving.

For one thing, I'm thankful that we are able to have the financial side of Christmas. Magnum and I don't fuss over the getting of stuff, but do like to get special things for the kids since we're total tightwads with them the whole rest of the year (probably according to them anyway).

On that note, it's been a good year for me workwise, being able to contribute more to the kitty.

Continuing with the materialistic theme... the kids - particularly Chaco - are lobbying heavily for a new TV, pointing out the great deals out there right now. Yesterday, during one such pitch, Chaco enticed me by noting that we could mount the new TV on the wall, thus being able to move the old TV, currently on a stand. "We could get rid of the old TV stand, and you could VACUUM!" He knows me and my love of dust bunny annihilation all too well. I nearly bought the TV right then and there.

The kids have a small humidifier in their room. It began dying a noisy death on Christmas eve - as if it's not hard enough to sleep on that night anyway. Between the cooking of the Christmas ham and scalloped potatoes, I managed to tenderly bring the dying humidifier back to life. Nothing like some good machine surgery to bring about some yuletide peace.

Some readers here may remember our traditional Escape-to-the-Yurt! Christmas trips. Well, yurts aren't exactly erected in easily accessible areas, particularly under winter conditions. After a couple of years of having our Yurtness spoiled by bad weather, we don't reserve one anymore. I made the suggestion the other night that we should simulate the yurt experience during our break, so we've scheduled a "no electronics" day or two for next week. That should be fun. Right? Shouldn't it be? It will, won't it??



  1. Would be nice to spend a few days in the yurt this time of year. Sorta like winter camping sans the porcelain. My brother uses his year round out in Seattle. Good luck on the electronics free day. Of course, that means no cell phones, e-mails, digital pictures, or blogging, right?

  2. I've considered hanging my t.v. on the wall, but I wonder what to do with the cords?

    Sounds like a very nice Christmas. Glad you had a good one!

  3. What? An entire day of NO technology? Blasphemous!

  4. If 'yurtness' isn't a real word, it definitely should be.

    Urgh, the menfolk in my family are fixated on big TVs. Can't say I really understand the obsession - to me, after I've been watching them for a while, they all seem about the same size anyway...

  5. How great that he wanted to give you more surface area to vacuum...

  6. We occasionally have the no TV days - not enough of them in my opinion.

    As I'm typing this, my nine year old has approached and said, "I don't know what to do." Guess that means Mommy is on that computer again and I need some attention! Maybe there should be a no computer day for me...naaahhh

    So, Good-bye.

    (Jan.4 will be here soon.)