Friday, October 2, 2009

scene on a sidewalk

I saw him at first from a distance. But still, I was pretty sure he was male.

He was pushing a baby in a stroller. Just the two of them out enjoying some midday sun and fresh air.

He wore a striped polo shirt, a pair of sensible white athletic shoes, a pair of denim.... capris.

Yes, they were definitely capris - not just mere highwaters - landing at just the perfect capri spot at lower-calf. He wore ankle socks.

It occurred to me then that I had never seen a man wearing capris. It occurred to me then that I was turned off by a man wearing capris.

I pondered this. No, not the man wearing the capris. I pondered my reaction to it. (Well, okay, maybe I did ponder this man a little...) What was so off-putting? I pondered his "ability" to have actually fathered that baby he was strollering around.

Just a piece of clothing.

After all, I've noticed that I CAN like a man in a skirt.

But I don't know if even Brad Pitt can make capris work.


terri said...

Well, I saw a man in capris once. They were a very pretty lime green colored pair of tight fitting capris. But there was no question as to his sexual orientation.

aussiemum said...

perhaps it wasn't a man, but some butt-ugly capris.

Anita said...

I've never seen a man in capris - not even a gay man. But I'm curently living a suburban, sheltered life.

But back to the man in capris - well...maybe not. :)

agg79 said...

Hey, ya'll just chill out now.
Nothing wrong with people wearing capris (male or female) IF they fit correctly. I have even tried on a pair myself many moons ago (but they were called Lederhosen). I'm sure with the right person, capris would be downright attractive. Besides, remember Mel Gibson in a kilt?

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Lose the capris. But work on the Brad Pitt chest and Abs.

brandy101 said...

OMG - I *just* thought about this to myself the other day when I saw a male non-flamboyant bicyclist with his helmet, backpack,parka and...khaki-colored ripstop capri pants flying by me on the sidewalk as I sat in traffic.

whodat? said...

I remember the first time I saw a guy in clogs. 1980. Definitely not "masculine", then nor now. SameSame with capris.

Judy said...

MANPRIS are back! I'll have to tell my brother...

Beej said...


I also thing guys in white flip flops is just wrong wrong wrong.