Tuesday, August 18, 2009

why does love always feel like a battlefield?

Okay, school started yesterday, and my kids were actually present for it.

Actually, Chaco didn't start until today. The high school does this thing where the dumb freshmen get the whole school to themselves on the first day. But, conscientious student that he is, and wanting to be prepared for the real thing, he got up yesterday on school time, showered, ate breakfast...

... then promptly crashed on the futon for about 3 hours.

He eventually opened an eye and mumbled, "Meego already go to school?"

"Uh.. YEAH! Like, an hour and a half ago.", I informed him.

"Oh, musta fell asleep".

Ya think?

So I was feeling quite pleased with myself knowing that Wolfgang and Meego, at least, made it to their respective schools on time and with fairly clean clothing and bodies. But alas, we had to do it again today! Okay, I'm slowly getting into school mode.

Now Chaco and Wolfgang pretty much take care of getting their own selves readied and out the door on time. I only have Meego to order around, and I think I'm slacking. That and I'm still adjusting to the realization that school has actually begun.

So we're walking up the path, a bit *ahem* behind schedule, and notice a golf cart up ahead driving towards us on the path. At first, I thought it was a maintenance vehicle for the pathway, but then we see it stop near the school gate and let out a kid and a mom-like figure.

The two of them stroll towards the front of the building, so it seems that this golf cart was just driving the little brat to school. And that's fine, although there's a "No Motorized Vehicle" rule on the path (other than the aforementioned maintenance crews). Seems a bit wussified to drive the kid - curb service - to school while most others are schlepping up the path, BUT not my business...

The thing that really bothered me was the fact that the dad-like figure who was driving the golf cart just sat there in the vehicle, presumebly waiting for his mom-like partner to return after dropping off the kid. He sat there in this behemoth illegal-on-the-path motorized vehicle right in front of the gate where the walkers walking that way enter the school grounds. So all of us non-wussified school kids and companions had to squeeze around his ugly golf cart. Did I mention that it had an ugly roof to protect the wusses inside?

Okay, now, it's totally possible that said kid has some medical condition that precludes him from walking very much. However, there is a drop-off point at the front of the school that is much closer than the illegal golf cart location, so I'm thinking no.

And this dad Just. Sat. There. In his golf cart. While about 20 kids and various parental types squeezed around him through the access gate.

I wonder how easy those things are to tip over?


terri said...

How rude! Why is there always someone oblivious to the fact that they share the planet with other people? Tomorrow... slash his tires!

agg79 said...

Oblivious. For some people, it's more than a state of mind. It is sad how some parents will dote over their kids to no end. Be glad it was only a golf cart. We have the same inconsiderate boobs down here who will cut you off in the shool drop off line driving their Lexus Rx 10s because their son is late for first period.

BTW - they are easy to tip over if you can give a push from the side. And you can easily out run lard dad once you do...

Anonymous said...

Just drop some drywall screws on the path...that'll teach 'em!!!!!

Bill said...

Give it a rest. They may live close to the school and his child likes being brought over like that. Its very useful during inclement weather instead of walking in the rain. He shouldn't be on the sidewalk, but should be able to carry his child in the golf cart. I think wussys are the ones who complain.