Friday, July 24, 2009

addiction in the digital age

So on Monday, for Wolfgang's birthday, we all went to Elitch's. Technically, we weren't there just because it was Wolfgang's birthday. We plan a trip there each summer, so we go on his birthday because he was born on a fortunate date.

Elitch's is an all-day bit of a big deal occassion, so we might have to remind him that we would be going anyway, lest he go all birthday-boy equivalent of "Bridezilla" on us. The other kids' birthdays are more low-key, particularly Chaco's. Chaco had the misfortune of being born about two weeks after Christmas when it's the dead of winter, and everyone is all celebrated out and tired of spending money. It's a wonder he gets a cake.

But anyway, back to Elitch's. I confess to not being a big fan of amusement parks, but I don't think I'm too abnormal in this regard. The very few other mid-forties women that I saw were, like me, there under familial obligation. In addition, there's my severe acrophobia thing...

And it was a good day. Everyone had fun. There are things to entertain even the middle-aged acrophobic moms. I wandered about, people watched, cooled off heartily at the water park, and witnessed my children thrill riding from my wimpily-on-the-ground vantage point.

We purposely didn't bring a camera. I wanted to just "do" Elitch's without feeling a need to stay alert for great Annual-Pilgrimage-To-Elitch's shots. Not many others, particularly mom or dad types, shared my cameraless attitude.

A companion of a particularly photo obsessed woman remarked to her friend, "I swear, you need a 12-step program". She wasn't being sarcastic.

I wonder, is there such a thing?


terri said...

Funny. As I was reading this, a coworker stopped by and was telling a story about a visit to an amusement park with her friend's granddaughter last weekend. The whole acrophobia issue was discussed, both of us agreeing we don't "do" rides. But she did for the sake of her little friend and suffered through the ferris wheel.

Then I go back to read your post and see the acrophobia issue addressed!

Glad you had fun!

Duble said...

hey, you folks were near me again, it isn't too long before magnum and the other guys could swing by the neighborhood to go to silicone willies.

Judy said...

One of my favorite parts of Colorado in the summertime!

Anonymous said...

Our birthdays are all messed up here...

July 31 and August 15 (oldest kids)

Dec 28 (youngest kid)

Jan 1 (Mom)

Jan 7 (Dad)

Everyone is crapped out by the time my B-day rolls around. It was bad when I was a kid...not so bad as an adult.

brandy101 said...

I am also no fan of amusement parks...but this place looks sort of cute/quaint in its own way.

Glad you guys had fun!