Sunday, April 26, 2009

Silver Lining S-day, part XXXVI

This was wrong. ALL wrong. I didn't want to be in that place. YUCK pooey! Then I woke up and was all, oh whew, just a weird dream. THANK goodness! Doncha just love that feeling?

With that, time for another installment of Silver Lining Saturday! (on a Sunday).

First of all, in case no one has noticed, I've begun a new policy here for SLS day. A photo depiction of something good from the week. I sat down to do this entry and realized I had no such photo so snapped a quick one:

It's Chaco and Wolfgang shooting each other up via XBOX 360 in the Man Cave from earlier mention - as seen from the Mom Cave (a.k.a laundry room). I'm actually thankful we have such a Man Cave, inhospitable as it is to me at times.

Schools were out Monday and Tuesday of this week, and we had lovely weather to accompany that. Wolfgang and Meego and I took a very enjoyable bike ride together. I forget where Chaco was at the time. I do remember thinking that I wished I'd had the camera - would've gotten a good shot for SLS day.

Yes, the weather has improved from the recent snowiness. In fact, I had some good quality time with both Bella and Tessa (my bicycles) this week.

Yesterday happened to be an exception, however. Cold and drizzly for most of the day. The elementary school PTO had a Car Show/Yard Sale event (secretly dubbed "Cars and Crap"). It's too bad the weather wasn't better, but I'm thankful that I had not volunteered to work the thing and was not expected to since I am, after all, the Run With Lumber lady - Run With Lumber being this coming Wednesday.

On that note, all the Run With Lumber ducks are in a row. I just need to procure the ice cream. We even have a Lumber "volunteer". More on that later...

I went for a lovely run earlier today. Weather is back to nice. I was contemplating aloud whether I should wear shorts or capris for my run when Magnum piped up, "Wear shorts, show off your legs". For that, he gets major points.


  1. It must be a good feeling to have all the Run with Lumber stuff organized with time to spare. I hope you have nice weather for the big event. Can't wait to hear who volunteered to be Lumber!

  2. good luck with that ice cream procurement...

  3. I'm calling your bluff. That's no man-cave. There's not enough mess to be a man-cave.

  4. I too am calling your bluff, this man cave is clearly not, no posters, of rock bands, sports heros or women.

    This is barely even pallatable to the male nevermind the haven of masculinity you described it as (only I think you did it with better spelling).

  5. Look how neat and clean and tidy. That's just kinda making me mad.

  6. That's kinda clean for a man cave...

    You and Magnum are cute! How about posting a side by side of both your legs...we can vote...LOL

  7. Hmmm... I guess that photo isn't quite messy enough. Keep in mind that it doesn't do justice to the Noise Pollution of the Man Cave.

  8. No fast food containers? No stained easy chairs? Very disappointed. You need to take them to a bad art gallery, make them choose tacky pictures. Or skin some roadkill, and mount it on the walls. They look happily absorbed, though, which is the main thing. Whose coffee mug is that?

  9. The dartboard automatically qualifies this room as a man cave...