Monday, March 9, 2009

the weekend

It was a dark Monday morning. Just when I was getting used to having it light in the morning, it's that whole daylight savings thing. *yaaaaaaawn*

But it was a nice weekend. It finally snowed on Saturday which was good because the state was on fire. And one of my two sets of in-laws came to visit. This time, it was the paternal side - FIL and his wife.

I've mentioned my strange in-laws here before I think. I suppose they're not all that strange in general, just strange to us, which strikes me as strange. Strange because this is my husband's family, yet they are so different from him.

Their differences are only exacerbated by the riff raff he married.

Magnum and I have much in common. Political views, opinions on raising kids, financial considerations, thoughts on religion, interests in general - those compatability things that can probably make or break a marriage. So... by default... I have virtually nothing in common with anyone in his family. Other than him.

So these visits are always an adventure. Or I guess that's how I try to look at them. It's like having aliens visit from another galaxy.

And we all survived. I think they've come to terms with the fact that we aren't interested in becoming carbon copies of them, although they probably can't understand why not.


terri said...

Glad you survived. A visit with the in-laws can sometimes be traumatic!

agg79 said...

Yep. Them inlaws can drive ya to drinkin'. My bride and I spent a week on a cruise ship with my family last November. I think at one point she was ready to jump ship. No wonder they serve so much alcohol on board...

Duble said...

Looks like it has turned back to bella weather?