Friday, March 20, 2009


So I needed a new toothbrush. Except, until today, I had no idea just how much I NEEDED a new toothbrush.

I was out with the kids (spring break has begun) doing a bit of grocery shopping, and I went to get myself the new toothbrush in the toothbrush aisle. I'm not picky about toothbrushes. Just give me a full head with soft bristles and I'm good. I grabbed one that was on sale and chucked it into the cart and continued on my way.

"Why is the handle so fat?", Chaco asked.

"I dunno", I informly informed him.

"Oh, it's a Sonic Power toothbrush", Wolfgang noticed.

"Wha-?", I responded cluelessly.

He showed me the little button that made the toothbrush vibrate, and it buzzed happily inside its plastic compartment.

"Oh, sheesh, I didn't mean to get that one", I said and looked back to the wall o' brushes. Still, though, it was on sale and cheaper than the non-vibrating toothbrushes, so I just decided to get it and not push the little button.

But back in the privacy of my home...I got a little.... curious.

I loaded it up. I pushed the button. And I brushed. Oh GAWD how I brushed!! I think I could've brushed the afternoon away. Now I'm here, in the afterglow, teeth all a-tingly.

Ladies, for the love of all that vibrates, get yourselves a vibrating toothbrush! Or better yet, get multiple!


terri said...

You are good with the innuendo, LOL!

I'm onto this secret. We were informed years ago that the kids, with all their orthodontia, really needed something to clean teeth more thoroughly than the average toothbrush. So we got one of those with the chargers for multiple users. It's a marketing ploy. You'll never feel clean after using a standard toothbrush again. And don't even get me started on all the variations of toothpaste. I was tempted yesterday to buy ten different varieties to make sure all my bases were covered!

agg79 said...

Honey? What's that buzzing sound I keep hearing? Honey?

One should never scrimp on oral health... :)

LauraBelle said...

Next thing I know, you'll be pimping washing machines ....

Anonymous said...

*look of confusion* :)

Maybe they make a vibrating hair brush too?

Whimsical Ranter said...

Happy brushing and all things that vibrate! LOL

Husbands Anonymous said...

Yeah, you need a charger- batteries cost a fortune. I often wonder in a paranoid way, just how many times my children have dropped my toothbrush in the toilet and then fished it out....

Goes by the name of Anna said...

My father and brother both have one of those things - they keep trying to convert me.

I'm sure that one day they'll succeed...