Saturday, March 28, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXXII

Sun is shining. Snow is melting. Spring break comes to a close, and it's all good.

Yes, this week was spring break and I guess technically it still is. No epic trips taken, no "Girls Gone Wild" videos made, just a good mix of lazy, productive, annoying, pleasurable, warm, freezing, spontaneous, introspective, mostly unscheduled time.

We watched Madagascar 2 last night. I'm thankful I have young kids so as to have an excuse to watch these kinds of movies. There's action, adventure, humor, love, AND the engineers are the heroes! (Referring to the penguins, of course).

And we did have that blizzard the other day. Nasty but rather exciting. It made me thankful that we weren't travelling in it. I shoveled some of it yesterday. Heavy spring snow, not the light fluffies of January. The ground needs it.

I'm looking at the Run With Lumber schedule I made for myself earlier this month and seeing many of the tasks either completed or nearly so. I'm still a bit of a penguin myself, getting ready to launch is always exciting.

Got the last of the family bicycles tuned up for spring with Wolfgang's getting the once over. Hmmm, maybe that's why we had a blizzard.

And now I feel all refreshed and focused and energized for the weeks and months to come. Vision! Gotta have vision!


Judy said...

Whoo hoo for spring!

We love M2, also - well, the boys do. I have yet to see it!

terri said...

You are so on top of your game. I could learn a thing or two from you.

Anonymous said...

Those penguins are a riot and really "steal" every scene in which they appear...