Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Wristbands have overwhelmingly won the blog poll. Interestingly enough, the informal poll I took among "real life" people resulted in the mini frisbees winning in a near landslide victory as the token prize of choice. It's safe to say that we won't go with the sqeeze coin holders. Maybe we can have some sort of wrestling match between the bloggers and the IRL-ers.

In the meantime, life goes on. I took Wolfgang to the eye Doc's a couple of days ago. He's inherited his geeky parents' myopic genes. He got his first pair of glasses back in 4th grade when his teacher got tired of him leaving his seat - in the 2nd row I might add - to get a closer look at the board, and I got the "take Wolfie to the eye doctor's" note.

This most recent trip was suggested by the family doctor who did the physical for basketball, so I've been traipsing Wolfgang around to these various doctors offices. I decided it was time for me to wait in the waiting room.

At what point is it appropriate for Mom to stop going into the exam room with her child? Is it different depending on the gender of said child?

After arriving at the Dr.'s, I told Wolfgang I'd just wait in the waiting room... unless he wanted me to go in with him. He was fine with me waiting out by the fish aquarium. That whole "turn your head and cough" routine is probably better performed without good old Mom hovering.

Same thing with the eye doctor. I waited outside while reading clean Reader's Digest jokes.

Eventually, Wolfgang and the Optometrist emerged and went over his results. The doctor suggested a pair of "rec specs" for playing sports. I mentioned that, yes, I had a pair of those for bicycling.

"Yes, that's what Wolfgang told me. He doesn't want them", the doctor informed me with a bit of a chuckle. God forbid he should look as geeky as his mom.

The boy's growing up.


  1. I think it depends on the child, the doctor and yourself. Kody who at age 14 still WANTS me to go in with him ... I take a magazine.

    He sees doctors more often due to his med.'s he takes and just the other day had a blood draw. The last time he'd had one, he was still out during his MRI. He hated it and 'wide-eyed' stared me in my own 'wide-eyes' the entire time! Tho it wasn't long to get the single vial full, it FELT like forever ... I don't think Kody blinked a single time either now that I think about it.

    I will go in with them as long as they wish me to ... so, if your son wanted to go it alone, it seems he's rather mature in this phase of his growing up. The next biggie is wanting to drive ... yikes!

  2. Do the IRLers realize that once every kid in the school has possession of one of those frisbees, they're going to start flinging them at each other. Heads will be bonked and bruises will ensue. I'm just sayin'.

  3. Travis and Tyler (9 and 4) both go back on their own at the dentist...pediatric dentist and that's what they do at their office. However, any other doc and I'm there with them. I don't know - I think my parents went back with me for doctor's visits until I said, "ENOUGH ALREADY!!!" in my calm and relaxed demeanor.

  4. Old wolfgang is smarter than me. I just assumed that no one could read the board for the back of the room, I mean it is all teh way accross the room.

  5. Internet v real life, wrestling grudge match!!! Awesome!!!

    Ahem... erm, sorry. Got excited (hence the abuse of multiple exclamation points).

    Erk, it's about time for me to go to the optometrist too... And I need to drag along my reluctant younger brother, who is in denial about the fact that he probably needs glasses (amusing considering every other member of his immediate family has them). Having your mum go with you at 13 is fine. Having your sister drag you at age 20 is another matter entirely...

  6. Glasses can be oh so vogue now-a-days! Ahhh yes, growing up though! I still went in to the exam room with my boys until they were 18. If it was going to be a groin-showing kind of appointment, I would turn my back. I'm too nosey to stay out in the waiting room! LOL