Tuesday, December 23, 2008

don't wake the baby

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. I know. It sounds pretty late, but that's just how we do these things. I think I've mentioned here before that we always get a live tree. And no, I don't mean a "real" tree that was once happily alive and then got lopped off at the shins, but a LIVING tree with roots in a pot and all.

It's just a baby. In the spring, we'll find a good spot for it in the yard. We already have three previous Christmas trees gracing the back yard. Should be four, but one didn't quite make it (may it rest in peace).

Here's a pic of last year's tree. It's a wittle Colowado Bwue Spwuce (that's baby tree talk for Colorado Blue Spruce). Those bluer needles are the new ones that sprouted over spring and summer. Just disregard the land of misfit toys there in the background of the photo *Cough*

This year, we got a dwarf blue spruce, so it won't get as big as it's older brother here. The previous ones are also dwarf spruces.

With these ALIVE trees, we have to be careful not to wake it up and make it think that it's spring and time to start growing and stuff. So it spent last night in the garage, then it will come inside for a couple three days, then back outdoors it'll go until plantin' time. The dog will promptly christen it, bet on it.

So, with that, I think I'm actually all set for Christmas. I got the last of the chickens yesterday, and today I actually BAKED! *GASP* I even got all of the kids into the dentist this morning for overdue checkups. Aaaaah, nice to be caught up.

Oh, wait, we're probably going to need food....


Judy said...

Aw tuch a keute wittle twee!

Beej said...

What a nice idea. We haven't had a real tree in a very long time (since we got new carpet). Every year I say I'm throwing out the fake one but every year I don't do it. It's way too pretty to do that. Its just a big, fat, stinkin' pain to set up.

terri said...

That's a great idea for a Christmas tree. I know a family here that does that too. We have an artificial, but even that seems like too much work.

P.S. Food is over-rated. Just get a box of Crunch Berries and call it good.

agg79 said...

Way cool & great idea! Back when I was a youngin growing up in New Jersey, we had a live tree for Xmas every year. Planted them in the back yard when the spring thaw came along. By the time we moved out in '72, there were several Plantation pines along the back of our property. Last time I went by the house, one of those trees was over 40 feet tall.

Beej said...

I planted a Japanese Maple in the front yard of the house we were living in 10 years ago. When I was back in town I'd go by and check on its progress because I really did love that tree. It was getting so pretty....and the last time I drove was freakin' gone. Some idiot chopped down my tree. Who chops down a Japanese Maple? I know who. An idiot.

Duble said...

Blue spruces are the state tree of Utah and Colorado.

Is there a difference between Utah blue spruces and Colorado blue spruces?

And if you plant a Colorado blue spurce in Utah will its neighbors ignore it for not being a member of the right group?

Its a mystery!!