Wednesday, October 29, 2008

in high support of red ribbon week

So you know that song? "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry? Of course you do, it was on the radio, like, every 5 minutes over the summer.

I think it's a fun and cute song and all. I noticed, though, that whenever a radio station would air a caller calling into request it, and the caller was a girl, and the DJ asked if the caller had ever herself kissed a girl, caller would almost always say, "yeah *giggle *giggle*".

I feel like the 44-year-old virgin here. I mean, is this some rite of passage? Did I not get the memo? I don't even have a there-was-this-one-time-in-college story. Is it as rampant as the radio call-ins would suggest?

There were these two friends of mine in high school. They were sisters (...yes we're going there). They were only one year apart, and they shared a bedroom. In fact, they shared a bed - small house for a relatively large family. Anyway, it seems that one sister was having a particularly "good" dream and started sleep-kissing the other sister. Other sister, not being really awake either, responded in kind. Eventually they awoke from their dreamlike make-out session to being fully awake and realizing what they were doing. Much spitting and gagging ensued.

They each kissed a girl, they didn't like it.

The only personal story I have that comes close is this: I was with a very good friend of mine at a party during high school. We had been good friends since kindergarten. So we're both at this party where there was no shortage of giggle weed, ganga, jay, weed... yeah, okay there was plentiful marijuana. None of it was MINE! Dang horticulture club.

Anyway, I'm there with my good friend and he says -- aha! yes, he's a HE -- and he says he wants to kiss me. And I just start laughing because... yeah. And so he starts laughing and says it again, but stops laughing. So I stop laughing and look at him all stupidly.

Now the two of us had been friends for a long time, as mentioned, strictly platonic. In fact, at that time, it was highly suspect that he was gay. So, I don't know, I guess because he was my friend and I cared about him and all, I said okay, and he kissed me. It was really weird and... Eeeeew.

We've remained friends, and since then, he has totally come out of the closet and is living a happy life as a "wife". I sure hope it wasn't that kiss with me that pushed him over the line, but who knows. Anyway, that's as close as I come to a kissed-a-girl story.

I kissed a gay boy, and I didn't like it.


Duble said...

I've kissed a girl, and i liked it a lot so i did it again and again.

Never kissed a dude, gay or straight and will, I think I don't want to.

I saw a couple dude kissing once. does that count. I don't like PDA's by gay or straight people, but a couple L.U.G.s. SWEET

Beej said...

I can count several guys that I think I accidentally turned gay, but I sure didn't mean to.

Freak Magnet said...

Looking at your pic, there's NO way you pushed him over the edge.. have no fear! You're beautiful! It seems to me that there are a lot more experimental lifestyles these days, and it seems far more acceptable than it ever was. The song seems like good evidence of that! ;)

Judy said...

Nope, never kissed a girl here, unless you count my mom.

Ew, not THAT way. Get your mind out of the gutter.

brandy101 said...

I also was kissed by a guy who ended up *coming out* later. I think these fellas are trying to give it a shot before they commit to what they are really feeling in terms of attraction.

terri said...

I kissed a girl just a few weeks ago!

Ok, I never saw it coming. She was a young thing we met at a wedding reception and she was seriously drunk and took a liking to me, apparently. Her boyfriend was busy talking hunting with my hubby. I didn't realize she liked me in THAT way! As we were leaving the reception, she caught me and I thought she was going to hug me, and next thing I know she's sucking on my lip!

I was so shocked I never knew what hit me.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Wow you went "there" again wow.

Kissed a girl? Yes I've kissed a gay guy though, and it was what I would imagine kissing a sibling would be like.

It just felt wrong.

A friend once told me she wanted to kiss me. I told her maybe later but I never got drunk enough to follow through.

Of course my then boyfriend was all soooo totally okay with it.