Monday, October 20, 2008

my fellow citizens

I've begun voting.

Let me just say that I'm glad I opted for the mail-in ballot this go 'round. Dang thing is huge. All these ammendments to the state constitution. So I set aside time yesterday to sit down, Sharpie in one hand, Voter's Guide in the other, ballot in front of me, and began filling in bubbles.

I got through the whole thing, just had a couple of issues I felt I wanted to sleep on. Now I've slept, and I'll bubble those in too. Afterwards, though, I was a little spent. A football game was on in the next room, and a timely commercial came on:

And I was kinda thinking that I just might feel a little better if these guys really did run things.


  1. lol..right! :) I just filled out my absentee ballot...It's really the only way! SO much easier & you can think it over not feel rushed. I like doing it this way SO much better! Gonna sent back in the mail tomorrow

  2. You're a smart voter. I will go stand in the long lines, most likely.

  3. I saw where everybody in FL is voting early. I should probably consider it especially if it's gonna be complicated. Beej ain't so hot at complicated.

  4. In colorado we have the longest ballot in the nation. So we got that going for us.

    I voted early too. I can't imagine how long of a cluster !!@#$ it is going to election day.

  5. My state does the whole thing by mail and I'm extremely grateful for it. I took 3 hours reading over everything, but at least after marking my answer, I was effectively finished.

  6. This has been the "wildest" election year I've seen thus far. We've got people stealing and or vandalizing prop. signs on personal property and local news saying to call the police dept to report ... but, on the up side, I've got my CA absentee sent off, too. Regarding the commercial ... LOVE IT! ha! Have seen it on TV here a few times as well ...

  7. I voted early but we have electronic ballots for the early voting, which I found quite easy to use. All I had to do was get the IL bar assn recommendations for retention of judges. I used my highlighter (at home) to mark any *not qualified* and then did my thang. I am happy I did it.