Tuesday, October 28, 2008

leave your body and soul at the door

On the way to school today, I asked Meego what he was going to be for Halloween. When I asked him last week, he didn't know. Same answer this morning, in an oh-yeah-Halloween's-in-three-days kinda way.

So I guess Halloween isn't a big deal for him. I did get some candy yesterday for the little moochers. Kit Kats and Milky Ways. I've often thought about doing something a little more original and less nutritionally empty, but once again I got the junk.

And there will be the inevitable classroom party on Friday. I've been to several, but forgo being the designated "Party Mom". I'll be support crew, all well and good, but just don't make me the Martha Stewart of the classroom.

After a while, the moms and teachers all sort of know who the Party Moms are. The ones who just eat that stuff up - been doing it since their now college kids were in kindergarten. Not me, man. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party, just don't ask me to throw it.

And so I realize I have no idea who the Party Mom is this year for Meego's class. The control freak mom from first grade is in a different class THANK GOD this year, and a good friend of mine who was a great Party Mom from last year moved away over the summer CRAP! And now this is the first party of the school year so I have no idea who will be running the show. I just know that I purposely did NOT check that box on the volunteer form.

Meego will probably request a highly complex costume on or around Thursday night. And if the teacher calls looking for Party Mom, I'm not here.


Dave Q. said...

Makes me feel bad when I was a kid forcing my Mom to help out in those grade school parties. No wonder she always had that look of despair when she would show up in the classroom.

I think I will call her later and apologize. :)

brandy101 said...

I am also working the classroom party.

The Party moms are the same as the ROom moms - also the same as the head-of-every-PTA -committee moms.

Its a small school and clique-y. I sign up to help, focus on the kids, and ignore the goobers in their applique holiday sweaters. (And, no, I will not wear my elastic-waist mom jeans to the event!!!LOL)

Duble said...

Does "Party Mom" = MILF?

does this violate the profanity terms of your blog?

Whodat? said...

Meego could go as Sarah Palin. I hear that's pretty popular.

Judy said...

I am NOT the party-mom. I am NOT the party-mom.

Repeat 20 times.

Daveman said...

ABBY! My Sister! My Brother! She's my sister! My brother! My brother sister! My mother's brother's sister!! Ok - now that I got that out of my system...,

I have the PERFECT costume for Meego. Its terrifying - im not sure the other kids can deal with it nor the people he demands candy from - but then, it may get him a major windfall of candy just to get him away. Buy him a fake beard and mustache and a sign that reads "Daveman Clone #1408". I told you it was terrifying.

Abby - Abby - Omg! The mere suggestion was too much, I best leave before she wakes up and comes after me with her silencer and cool spy backpack.

terri said...

I tried to be the party mom. Being the party mom made me crazy. After Brad's kindergarten class, I was no longer the party mom.

I have an easy idea for Meego. He should go as a ceiling fan. Get a shirt. Paint, "GO CEILINGS!" on it. Give him a foam finger, maybe a rainbow afro wig. Voila. Ceiling fan.

Whimsical Ranter said...

My kid's schools do NOTHING for Halloween. No dressing up, no cute kindergarten parade, nothing.

Last year when my little son went trick or treating someone slipped into his bag, a snack pack of wheat thins...those both boys insisted were likely poisoned and promptly trashed.

I mean who would think to poison candy????