Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I give up

So I gave up cussing a while back. It's probably been a couple of months. Did I mention it?

I didn't think of myself as much of a cusser really, but a choice word or two would slip out now and then. Sometimes in anger, sometimes as just part of normal conversation - the way they can slip out like that.

So I just decided. Decided I wouldn't say "bad words" anymore. Chaco had even told me he didn't like it, that was probably the clincher. I mean when one of your kids for whom you're trying to set the example of mature responsibility and blah blah blah says it makes him uncomfortable to hear you say "dumbass" or some such, you should probably take notice. See, even typing... that term... was difficult for me after my hiatus.

And it was so EASY. I thought I might accidentaly let something slip without thinking, out of habit or something, but NO, hasn't happened. When I gave up coffee a while back, the threat of accidentally ingesting was not a worry because it would require actual premeditated coffee preparation. But giving up words that had habitually flowed for so many years?

I just gave it up cold turkey was the thing. Probably if I would've said, "I won't cuss when anyone under the age of 21 is within hearing distance" that would've been too much to think about. Easier to just say ."No more. None".

So I've been cuss-free for a while now. No withdrawals, no shakes, no insomnia. So maybe it's time to target another bad habit?

It's probably a good day to give up using-blogging-as-a-form-of-procrastination-when-I-really-need-to-prepare-the-stuff-I-said-I-was-gonna-prepare-for-tonight's-dinner-and-still-have-time-to-walk-the-dog-before-reporting-for-book-fair-duty.

Yeah, it'd be a good day for that.


Linda said...

awesome! no cussing! good for you!!!

Whimsical Ranter said...

Good for you. Lets hope that giving up my expletives will be easier than quitting smoking and losing weight.

terri said...

I don't picture you as the cussing kind! Regardless, good for you for giving it up!

I gave up diet coke... again. It's been 2 days. Pray for me.

Judy said...

YAY on the no bad-words part! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

I'm kind of in shock that Terri's giving up Diet Coke, though - isn't that a part of her genetic makeup?

brandy101 said...

I use certain foul words way too often. But I have cut back on certain choice terms that begin with the letter F...


Herb said...

More cussing = less intelligent
Less cussing = More intelligent

Whodat? said...

Dude, WTF?