Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the call of the wild

It's getting colder and crisper out, and I feel in need of an adventure. We didn't have nearly enough adventure this past summer and now there's all this business of going to school and working. Can't we do that later? When we're old and sickly and can't do anything else?

We went camping once. Had a good enough time, but it was just once and just for one weekend. Plus, it was a bit of a probationary camp as in, "I don't wanna go camping with you guys if you're just gonna bicker about who does the work!" So we went. The bickering was at a minimum, but then *poof* summer was over.

So now I try to appease myself by reading about adventure or looking at pretty pictures of other people's adventures or setting adventurous wallpaper on the computer.... but it's not really working is it? No.

In the meantime, I did a little shopping today. I needed a new iron. The old one has become a hypocrit. It says "cotton", but it really means "delicate". Or it says "perma press", but it really means "wool". I can't stand hypocrits. I got a new iron. Got a new mop while I was at it. I look forward to using them both.

That scares me.


Judy said...

No! No! Not the mop!

terri said...

Add a George Foreman grill to the purchases and it might qualify as adventure.

brandy101 said...

I still have not found a moisture-based floor cleaning tool that I like/find effective and not disgusting after one use. If you find one, please give me a holler.

Jamie said...

This past winter was toooo long and this summer was entirely way toooo short!

Paige said...

It would scare me too, if I willingly got such things.

The horrors.

You must camp--it may cure you of the need to buy home maintenance items

Whimsical Ranter said...

I'm sorry but that scares me too.

Seriously you should have told...I have an iron I could have sent you.

At least I think I do.

sisterbubbles said...

Aah but Mops and Irons can be adventurous. Believe me that is the scary part.

Herb said...

I never took a mop or an iron camping. I always miss out.

Adam said...

Well, Abby, I guess you have to take your adventures where you can find them. I got excited when I realized my friend is into retro gaming. Then we talked about it. That was my adventure.

Oh, and I'm going on a date on Sunday. That's about the extent of it.