Wednesday, August 27, 2008

not just a yo-yo trick

What's that? Feeling at a loss? No more "Live from Beijing"? The Olympics are over and now there's nothing else to do, so might as well just go to bed? I've got the next best thing: the dog!

Well, her name IS China after all. A little story about her name. No, we aren't particularly partial to fancy dinnerware nor communist governments. China came to us from the Humane Society. There, her name was "Haley".

We went there and looked over the line-up and Haley/China stood out to me. I took her out for the test drive and she was just as sweet as I prejudged her to be. She cozied right up to me and said "Please, please PUH-LEEEEEZ take me home with you! And by the way, my name's China, not Haley".

Okay, easy enough.

We requested her hand in family-dog marriage and the paperwork was begun. But wait! A little while later we got a call. There'd been a mix-up. Haley/China had already been promised to another family! Okay, fine.

But wait! A couple of days later we get another call. Haley/China has been returned to the shelter. Wasn't getting along with the first family's other pooch (uh, no doubt that alpha bitch thing I mentioned the other day...). Still want her?


Could we go get her that day? Like in a coupla hours? Otherwise they'd have to snuff her out? (not their exact words, but that was the long and short of it.)


So that was about six years ago. Our other dog, Domino, who has since gone to the big running-around field in the sky, didn't seem to mind the alpha bitchness. What a guy he was. *sniff*.

And I was glad to have her in the family. It's wasn't easy being the lone bitch around here. We get in our girl time, and I'd like to share a bit of that today. SO, lace up the shoes and load up on some plastic bags! We're going....

W A L K I N ' W I T H C H I N A !

Enough chit chat. Let's GO!

Blogging. Doggie style.

The dam view from the dam walk
across the damn dam.

Thanks a bunch, everyone,
next time,we'll do the Dumpster tour!



LauraBelle said...

I'm thinkin' China would'a been thrilled if you'd have shared a pic of her full bag ... *grinz*

terri said...

Seems like this was a match made in Heaven! Thanks for sharing. It does take some of the sting out of the fact that the olympics are over.

Beej said...

nice doggy *pats her head*

(the dog, not abby)

Herb said...

I bet them other people talked baby talk to her.

Judy said...

Aw, sweet puppy!

inspired said...


Aww. Aww! AWW!

So cute.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Cute puppy!

I kinda missed the Olympics then got blind-sided by the democratic convention. At least I'll be more menally prepared for the republican one that starts next week.

Jamie said...

She's super cute! We have two dogs here at our house. Laci who's a cocker spaniel (lovingly refered to as the "blonde bomber") and Shawna a black lab/Cocker mix....She's older than dirt (she was born November of 1989.)