Tuesday, August 26, 2008

are ess vee pee?

The father-in-law side of my dual in-law (lucky me) squad is planning a family gathering thing for next year. Sound like fun? Actually, they're not.

I won't go into a bunch of in-law family dirty laundry, let me just say that most of the time, I find it really hard to believe that this is the family that spawned my husband. I mean, he's a polar opposite of everyone in it. He sort of looks like them, but that's where the comparison ends.

And well, I like him - the husband. So, by default, the in-laws kinda freak me out.

So last night we were sitting around the dinner table and he reads something in the newspaper about some weird people and shares the story with me.

Me: Oh, that reminds me. SMIL (step-mother-in-law) sent an e-mail about the gathering thing. I put it in your e-mail folder.

Mag: Hmmm, so should we just say, "no thanks"?

Me: We could say, "We'll pass".

Mag: Hmmm, "No thanks, we'll pass".

Me: I'm sure it won't end there.

Mag: I don't even know why they invite us. Why do they invite us?

Me: Why, for the group photo of course!

Mag: Oh yeah.

It is kind of sad to find it nauseating to spend a few days with the extended family. We complied for another such gathering about 3 years ago. Then there was the sis-in-law's totally whacky tacky wedding soon afterwards. I don't think I can do it again, not without totally screwing up the group photo.

Hmmm, "No thanks, we'll pass, and here's a PhotoShop tutorial"?


terri said...

You know you can't "pass" on this without getting the third degree about WHY you can't come, and can't you make it work or just rearrange something so that you can be there? Trust me. I KNOW about these things.

It's a no-win situation. It's not like you can just outright tell them you don't like them.

pendoodles said...

YIKESSSSSSSSS are Mag's extended family related to my Auntie Katie & her family? LOL

My reply would be "Thanks for the invite, but I will be ill on that day". Maybe that would be tactful? *chuckles*

Judy said...

I'd find a way to make it a short visit or no visit at all. Life's too short to put up with weirdos. I live with them...I know.

G~ said...

Hiya, Abbadoo... I know, I know... Long time, yadda, yadda. Seems I'm all about that these days. *sigh*
Wanted to say I understand the feeling... and feeling sick about feeling dread of a family gathering. *sigh* It's so much that way in my family that there is only ONE reunion even held and that's on my dad's side. It was his mother's family reunion and since Mamaw died and there are only two siblings left, one of whom doesn't have much to do with us, if ykwim and the other has been in the hospital for about a month now.
The rest of the people basically only come for the food, kwim? Gah
I didn't even go this year, which I hope I don't live to regret, but..
All that to say - you might wanna just make a one-day thing out of it, just to ensure that were something unthinkable to happen, you won't beat yourself up for not taking that last opp. to see/talk to someone.
*bleh* I dunno... I guess there's always the chance, for me anyhow, that I'd say something ugly and THEN somebody would die and I'd still beat myself up.
Um.. so do whatever I s'pose. Heh. I should write an advice column, eh?
Take care...

brandy101 said...

you have kids - built-in excuses: oh, we have (insert name of school/sports activity meeting/practice here!) during that time!!!


jerry said...

So i am reading this entry thinking hey, we're probably in law cousins, cause my in laws are crazy too, than i remember it isn't my in law that are crazy that is my family.

oh well, i wasn't thinking much of this until you mention that you're tacky inlaw divorce/wedding event was 3 years ago.

I have gotten a lot of entertainment out of you in more than 3 years. Great googaly moogaly.

Herb said...

In-laws. Love 'em or kill 'em.

inspired said...

Since I don't have kids, I would go anyway to let them get a dose of "normalcy"... but when there are impressionable kids involved, such as in your situation, it's probably best that you keep your distance.