My name is Abby but not really, and I've been blogging since 2004.  I started blogging after we'd just recently moved to Colorado Springs, CO.  I hardly knew anyone, and I was a stay-at-home mom of two elementary school kids and a preschooler.

I've been married to Magnum since 1990.  We met in college while we were both slaving toward mechanical engineering degrees.  Our university was known for partying, but we actually met in a classroom, not at a party.

We have three sons.  Chaco is 23 years old.  He lives and works nearby. Wolfgang is 21 and also lives nearby while attending college.  Meego is 17 and gets to live at home as the last in the nest.

China was our geriatric pooch.  We dramatically snatched her from the jaws of euthanized death just as her time was running out at a shelter.  We had her for over 15 years before she went off to the Rainbow Bridge.

Napolion is our cat, whom we acquired after he got kicked out of his first home for beating up his brother on a daily basis.  He runs the neighborhood Cat Fight Club and enjoys eating little furry things.

We also had a beloved pet King Snake named Reese who escaped one day.  Have you seen him??

This blog is of no particular theme.  I named it AbbyNormal because I live in typical white collar suburbia, but don't feel I fit the stereotype of typical white collar suburban "housewife".  

At  least, I certainly try not to.