Tuesday, July 17, 2018

maybe he should write some country music now?

A bit of a roller coaster of  a weekend.  I used to like roller coasters.  Now, I can take them or leave them, but prefer more of a lazy river.

Saturday, there was a baby shower for our niece - Magnum's sister's daughter - happy occasion.  Magnum's dad and stepmom were in town and took us, along with our kids and Chaco's girlfriend, out for dinner on Friday.  Nice evening.

The baby shower was coed, so friends and family.  It was nice as baby showers are good times, but for me, it was marred by the text I got from Chaco just before.  He'd just busted his girlfriend cheating on him.

I was all, "Whaaaaaat?!?"

Really, I never saw that coming.  She seemed really down to earth without a deceptive streak.  I'd sat next to her during our Friday dinner, enjoying her company as always.  Ya think ya know a person.

Saturday evening, Meego wanted to attend Drums along the Rockies in Denver, and asked Magnum and me to go along.  Okay, actually, some of Meego's band friends had a block of tickets, and he was too late in getting on that bandwagon (pun intended?), so asked to go with us as a last resort.  Who does he think he was fooling?  But fine, we went along.  Gotta strike while the iron's hot.

It was entertaining as expected.  As a former flag girl myself, I can appreciate the work and choreography that goes into these things. As a mom, I sometimes worry that Meego is channeling Todd Rundgren, just wanting to bang on the drum all day.

Sunday, Chaco came over, and we offered help for his wounded heart.  He and "The Ex" had been together a while now and were essentially living together in Chaco's house, her dog included.  So now, it's just him in the house - a tough adjustment.

Eventually, we decided to go out for lunch.  Afterwards, we (strategically 😉) decided to visit the local humane society to "just look".

Meet Ella, Chaco's new pooch:

She's a real sweetheart.  Really, if Chaco hadn't scooped her up, I just might have!  She'd just gotten to the shelter - didn't last a day.  

I looked up characteristics of her breed:
  • Cautious
  • Intelligent
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Obedient
  • Protective
  • Brave

She had me at "Loyal".


Jerralea said...

I never see things like that coming, either! Too trusting, I guess. Hope your son's new pet is a comfort to him!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

What a great way to mend a broken heart, to adopt a dog!
What a cutie!
I loved your comment"as nice as baby showers are good times"
Heaven help me I don't care for baby showers!!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Poor Chaco, I hope Ella is a good replacement. She sounds like she's going to be more loyal anyway.

Chatty Crone said...

Well, a dog is extremely loyal! They will stay with you until the end. sandie

Abby said...

Jerralea, yeah maybe we're too trusting. We "need" these types to raise our awareness ;)

Margaret, baby showers aren't necessarily my thing either. But... babies!

Thanks, Joey. I doubt Ella will do Chaco wrong!

Chatty, some of my best friends have been dogs :)

Larz said...

Don't forget another characteristic of the breed: energetic! Hopefully he can keep up! Dogs > girlfriends anyway. Haha.

ShadowRun300 said...

So sorry to hear about Chaco’s heartbreak. (And likely yours too then...). When Mario found her boyfriend holding another girl’s hand, she called me crying so hard that I thought someone had died. I knew her first heartbreak would come at some point, but it was difficult just the same.
What a great idea to visit the pound. Ella and Chaco are a perfect match. I’m guessing she was broken up with too?

Abby said...

Larz, HA! I'm not predicting much couch potato time with this girl!

SR300, it's the worst isn't it? Been there, had it done to me too. Why not just break up rather than the betrayal? Oh well, Mario and Chaco won't be the last. Ella's good stuff ,though!