Thursday, June 28, 2018

sun's out, dust bunnies out

The excitement of the day is that I rearranged my desk.  Woooo...
Well, I like it anyway.  It's good to change things up every now and then.

Since school got out for summer, I've been tidying and spring cleaning and clearing the mothballs from my brain since I've reopened the tutor biz.  Summer is typically a slow time for tuting since most students are on break and have little sense of urgency to learn anything.

But I'm thankful to currently have one student - a high school senior wanting to get a jump on her college prospects.  And I don't want to get too booked because I do need to work some of the kinks out since clearly, I didn't do any calculus during my recent lunch lady stint.  And while the lunch lady higher ups are floating managerial positions my way, I'm not sure that I will go that route, because now I'm high on speed!

Or... rather... I'm on higher speed?

Within the last month, our internet provider quadrupled our available internet speed!  Our neighborhood didn't rank very high, apparently, but they finally got around to boosting us into the 21st century.

Really, it was fine before for the day-to-day stuff, but I had to put up with gripes from Meego, the gamer.  And when Wolfgang, the gamer, was living here too - I had to hear it in both ears.

"This is the fastest we can get in our neighborhood", I assured them.  Maybe I should've just put a sign on my forehead that said that.

But now, we are flying down the internet speedway!  And now, it can be all about ME.

See, I contract my tuting out to companies who match students with tutors.  They all offer online tuting as well as face-to-face, but my internet was so slow, I stopped taking the online jobs as more bells and whistles were added to those platforms, making the lag so horrible.

So while I'm refreshing my subject skills and tidying my workspace, I'm also cleaning and setting up my virtual classrooms, now that I've got the speed for them.

It's a bit lonely in there at present.   But at least the parking's free.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I live in a new area so all our power lines are underground which means when everyone around here loses power we don't. Also, we got FIOs from the get-go. So we have very high speed internet. You don't realize how good it is until you try it elsewhere, which I did at my parents. Oh my goodness. What a difference. So I now understand the pain of what you had to deal with. Yea, to the new speed and soon a new student :-)

Abby said...

Thanks Margaret, we live in an "old" area. I was about to give up on ever seeing high speed internet, so I'm liking the boost. But I bet you're still faster :)

ShadowRun300 said...

Oh the woes of living with multiple gamers in an area who’s high speed internet is... well... not high speed. It’s actually no better in Joplin, but my gamers aren’t here, so it works for me.
My daughter is taking an online calculus class this summer. I have no idea how she’s doing it, but she’s making it look easy. The only thing I remember about calculus is how dang hard it was.
Very impressive your tutee wants to get a jump on college. Don’t see that out of too many seniors....

Abby said...

SR300, It is nice being "up to speed", and Meego seems to appreciate it.
There are a few seniors who care about college prospects, and it's a perk of tutoring that we get to meet those kids :)

Linda Hensley said...

I had the repair guy out to improve my speed and he wiped out my phone service. I've temporarily given up hope for improvement, I'm just glad I can get on the internet and call from the house phone. I guess that probably makes me sound ancient? To answer your earlier question if I'm correct that you were asking, I went to college at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD). I hope you enjoy tuting online!

Abby said...

Linda, "... call from the house phone". A bunch of kids would wonder what the heck a house phone is. And how is it I didn't know where you you went to college? Mystery solved :)