Tuesday, June 26, 2018

he said his first name was Blue

He showed up at about the time I expected he would.  He looked about like what he should have looked like if he had been truthful about who he was.  I didn't have any reason to doubt, but then, people can be whomever they want to be on the internet.  It's best not to be too gullible.

He's probably right around my age, but that didn't matter.  Age hadn't come up.  My first clue regarding his age was that he emailed me.  Younger ones always text.

So there he was, and really, did I even care if he'd lied?  Not as long as he held up his end of the deal.  It's not like he really knew much about me either.

Ah, another craigslist hookup...

Yeah, I sold another bike.

The old faithful bicycle Bella.  There's a bit of a lump in my throat as I type.  We had some good times, she and I, but I realized it was time to let her go.  So I primped her a bit and flashed this sexy shot of her, basking in the sun

I typed up the ad using words to hopefully bait someone who would truly appreciate her.  And I think it worked.  Just a short time after she went live, I got the elderly feeling email.

"Hi I'm definitely interested so you still have the GF bike?"

He went on to say

"I fix up bikes for underprivileged kids in the community, and college students struggling, as well as for homeless folks to get them a way to ride to work and get jobs. So this could be a blessing on me"

He went on to assure me that he was interested in buying and not asking for a donation.  I emailed him back and we had a bit of correspondence to set up a time for him to have a look.  Every one of his emails ended with "God Bless".

Was he laying it on extra thick, so I wouldn't suspect that his true intention was rape and/or murder?

He arrived driving a tiny SUV with a bike rack on the back. He looked like a biker - not a bicycle biker but a motorcycle biker:  long grey hair in a ponytail, biker beard.  He wore camouflage cargo pants, black t-shirt, and black cap.  Instead of skulls and crossbones and Harley logos, his t-shirt and cap were decorated with crosses and Jesus fish and "JESUS SAVES".

We talked a bit about used bicycles.  He rode Bella up and down the street, putting her through her paces.  We talked a bit more about used bicycles, and I could tell he did, in fact, appreciate Bella and the bargain I was offering.

He gave me the cash.  I gave him some extra inner tubes.

I wonder if I'll see her again?  Maybe when I pedal passed the homeless hangouts?

God Bless.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Excellent post!!
We do a lot of this type of listings and I always fear what will show up. So I understand your concern.
It was lovely that he was indeed what he said he was.

Abby said...

Margaret, I've heard some horror stories with transactions like this, but I've had nothing but good outcomes. I'm glad Bella's with Blue now :)

ShadowRun300 said...

Hard to be teary eyed when you know she’s going to a great home and will be appreciated by her next owners. Unlike Grace who was kidnapped and likely dismembered and sold for drug money. My heart breaks thinking about it.
I finally adopted a new bike last week. We rode for an hour the other night, trying to get used to each other. It took a minute, but we clicked. She now lives in our spare bedroom where I know she’ll sleep safe and sound.

Abby said...

Congratulations! But oh, poor Grace... I can't bear the thought of leaving a bicycle stored outside, I've heard too many kidnapping stories *sniff*