Monday, May 28, 2018

last Monday of May

There's a fb group with the name "Look At My Bike Leaning Against Stuff".  Fb recommends that I join.  Stats wise, it has over 32,000 members.  And for what it's worth, 76 of its members supposedly attended the same university I did. 

And I'm all, "NO, I'm not joining your silly group!", although I have admittedly peeked, and some of the entries are rather entertaining:

So I'm not a member of  LAMBLAS, but that doesn't mean I can't indulge, as on this Memorial Day:

There's a decent stretch of pathway that is always adorned with these little flags every Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veteran's Day.  I'm not sure who sticks them in the ground and then gathers them up, but I appreciate the gesture.

I wish for my friends in the U.S. a chance to pause and lean on something today.


Ginny said...

Ok that's actually more entertaining than I thought it would be.

Abby said...

It exceeded my expectations... which were quite low.

LL Cool Joe said...

I hope they asked you before they took that black mini skirt out of your wardrobe?

Abby said...

Yeah, actually that's our mailbox 😜

ShadowRun300 said...

I bet it’s amusing to flip through pics of what people lean their bike against. Maybe I’ll flip through it and see if I see Grace leaning up against something.

Abby said...

There are some pretty amusing pics of leaning bikes, with several new ones added each day - not that I wasted any of my time on there! (No sign of grace :()