Tuesday, September 19, 2017

a real sh*t storm

Well, this is just gross.

As if there weren't enough reasons to abstain from the news, I came across this story of a local... runner.  It seems this runner has been making regular pit stops along her route through a normally laid back neighborhood.  In fact, I enjoy running near where she's been spotted - my beloved Mouse Town.


I don't even really want to blog about it, but ever since I read the story and watched the video, it's impacted on my mind.  What is up with this person?  I call her "Mouse Town Pooper".

There's just no explanation, really, other than mental illness?  A park was recently constructed in a portion of Mouse Town.  Apparently, it was decided that the Preble's mice still had enough space to do their thing and keep on existing alongside a new park

So the park is complete with recreation AND bathroom facilities.  Brand new and operational.  

I imagine that, now that there are photos of her all over the local news, someone will come forward and put an end to this strangeness.

What I thought was funny about the story, however, is how the news channel actually interviewed a few people around the neighborhood and caught their comments about how gross and wrong the behavior is.

Like, we need to ask people that?


Jimmy said...

It's not like this was a one time deal or that there aren't any facilities available, this person has a problem either mentally or with someone in this neighborhood, either way this just isn't right.

ShadowRun300 said...

Oh my gosh. I don't even know what to say. It IS gross, and kind of unbelievable. You have to let us know if they catch her. Inquiring minds want to know why she'd do such a thing.

Abby said...

It does make you wonder just what's going on.

Abby said...

If it wasn't mid-September, I would've thought it was one of those April Fools news stories. I'll keep ya posted!

Morgan C said...

So gross! I read this story somewhere and I can't believe they actually caught her on camera! A child caught her and she didn't even care!

Abby said...

Yeah, it's the I-don't-care part that is so strange.

LL Cool Joe said...

Does she clean herself up with loo paper afterwards, or does she just keeping running? I think she has issues.

Abby said...

Apparently, she carries the "loo paper" until the drop. She leaves that behind too. Blecch.