Saturday, August 19, 2017

the good, the bad

Well, I survived my first week of Back-to-School.  To be honest, I'm actually a bit surprised how much I'm enjoying this new job.

The staff's great, and I'm enjoying getting to know my students.  I have about 250 of them, so to say I'm still learning everyone's name is an understatement.  I'm sure there are several of them who don't remember my name either, so it's fine.

In reflection on this last week, a few pro and con observations...

The Alarm

I get  up about an hour earlier than I was used to.  Magnum and I actually eased ourselves into this new wake-up time about a week before school started, so to be used to it.  I do actually like being up early, but I need to get better and getting to bed earlier!

The Commute

My commute is actually quiet awesome.  It was one of my decision criterion when looking for a job.  I'm about 4.5 miles of pleasant bike paths from the school.  To help me realize just how awesome the ride in is, I zip on by all the traffic feeding into the high school and nearby middle school.  What a rat race!  As added insult, the city decided to do a bunch of road construction along the main road, taking it down to one lane, starting this first week of school.  I'm pretty sure I actually get to work faster on my bicycle than if I drove!

Dress Code

I didn't really need to revamp my wardrobe for this job.  Tutor clothes are certainly boring enough for a high school.  As far as students go, I have seen a few violations of the dress code - all from girls.  Use your imagination... not too much.


Lunch for the kids is a bit of a zoo as there's only one lunch period for everyone.  It saddens me to see that whole mass of teen humanity filling the lunch area and beyond,  yet see several kids off by themselves eating alone and not necessarily looking happy about it.

Free stuff

So far, I've gotten a free travel cup, a big water bottle, a hoodie, a t-shirt, and a cinch sack.  Yes, they're all emblazoned with the school name and such, but... free.  And speaking of lunch, I brown bag it in the teacher's lounge which has been a good way to meet and get to know some of the others.  I discovered two Keurig machines in there along with a variety of flavor pods.  I asked how much the beverages were and the answer was

"It's free.  The student council stocks that for us"

I love the student council!

Epi pens and beyond

My classroom is "nut protected" because I have a few students throughout the day with severe allergies, so I'm okay with coming up with some sort of nut-free snacks for myself.  Gotta feel for those kids.  Other confidential information on my rosters include depression/anxiety diagnoses, seizure disorders, plenty of allegies and asthma and migraines, and a few restraining orders against parents or other family members.  Jimminy.

That schedule

We all know that public education doesn't pay all that well.  But, my day is done with plenty of daylight left.  And look at all that time off.

And then there's what's-his-face

Meego's a senior this year.  His schedule is lighter than last year, as is typical for seniors.  I'm sure he'll be highly organized and on top of his school work.  (Put that last part in for giggles)


Linking up again with Mama Kat for the prompt - with a bit of divergence:
3. List 8 things you’re looking forward to and/or list 8 things you are dreading about sending the kids myself back to school.


  1. So how early do you need to get up now?

    I can't believe you have 250 kids! You don't have to call out a register do you?

    1. Oh, the 250 kids are spread out over 8 class periods - 4 per day. 250 at once?! HECK no. I get up around 4 AM. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. Yep that's pretty early, that's about the time I go to bed after a gig!

  2. It was very smart to ease into your new wake up time a week early, I know how much you enjoy riding your bike and using it to travel back and forth to work is a win/win.

    1. I figured if the garbage man can get up that early, so can I. Love the commute now, we'll see how I'm feeling in January :)

  3. May all your days at school turn out as nicely. Here's to wishing the lonely kids find some friends too!

    1. I almost want to sit down with those kids during lunch. I'm sure that would really up their social status :P

  4. Welcome to 4am! My schedule changed with my new position, so I've had to adjust to 4am as well. It's pretty early. Unfortunately, I don't always leave work with plenty of daylight left. I mean, I once did, but I gave it all up. :/
    I'm so happy you're enjoying your days. There is nothing better than taking on a challenge and making a difference. And the fact that you can bike to work is a win-win! (For now...)

    1. I'm still deciding - is 4am early morning, or late night?
      I've learned that public schools are big on holding hourly employees to their contracted schedules. I've managed to stay a bit late a couple of times, but had to do it on the sneak!

  5. What an exciting transition. You make me want to ride my bike to our local high school just to whiz past the rat race. That sounds like fun!

  6. I am still surprised at how early you all go back to school. We still have (and no I'm not bragging here) a few weeks left of summer to go.
    I always find it such a shame that school's in the US don't pay their teachers more. In Canada - now brace yourself - teachers start at 60k a year. My husband's coworker's wife will jump to 100k in her 3rd year of teaching just because she's a French teacher. I shouldn't say just because. Teaching French is hard stuff. But man. That's a lot of moola!
    And I remember the days of rolling up my kilt in high school. I was an offender.

    1. Wow, I had no idea the discrepancy between US and CA teacher pay. Apparently, Colorado and other states are reaching a dangerous teacher shortage. Low pay is a big reason.

  7. Replies
    1. My title is Supreme Authority of Guided Study Hall, grades 10-12. Or if that's not the title, it should be.