Saturday, August 5, 2017

not in MY mom tent

Today marks the culmination of another of Meego's Marching Band Camp (this one time...?)

Overall, they had a good and productive two weeks as demonstrated in a little show they put on for us parents today.  A good start to the season.

As often happens, I volunteered a bit here and there during camp.  Yesterday, I had duty in the first aid tent, which is really just a canopy for shade and small cooler of supplies.

No real skill is required, they just like to have a volunteer there to help out in case someone gets a minor injury and to make sure everyone's getting enough water and putting on their sun screen, etc.

I did a first aid shift at last year's camp and had to deal with two or three asthma attacks that probably freaked me out more than they did the asthmatics.

So I arrived and went through the supplies and just did a general check over of things.  There was one kid already sitting in the shade of the canopy, with no discernible "injury".  After a few minutes, I realized that he just wanted to be in the shade instead of out marching.  Okay.

A small handful of other kids wandered in and out, seemingly just for some extra shade and downtime.  They are given regular breaks throughout the day.  So I just made sure they weren't visiting the "ER" for any kind of serious problem and didn't bother them otherwise.  But in my head...

Get off yer lazy asses
When I was in HS marching band?
It woulda been downright SHAMEFUL to be sitting here in the mom tent while everyone else was out on the field
Heck, we didn't even HAVE a mom tent!
Ever heard of, "Suck it up"??

Okay, maybe sympathy isn't a strong trait of mine.

I'd gotten there on bicycle Alice.  She felt the same as I did, see?

"What's with these princesses??"

As I look now at the photo of my duty station, I recall I brought a notebook to do some tutor stuff while there.  Maybe I should've had those kids in the mom tent do some math problems while hanging out in the shade.

"March or math!! Pick!"

But overall, the large majority of the kids put in the work and effort.  It's nice to see them dealing with the long days and repetition, repetition, repetition that is marching band.

"Do it AGAIN!  It's okay, I've got NOWHERE else to be at all today!" -- the words of my flag coach still etched in my brain.  Back in the days of no mom tent.

Meego and the rest of the bangers

Meego is center snare in the battery drumline.  They're a fun bunch of kids, and you can bet none of them came to bunk out in the mom tent.  Although one kid was not wearing his drum today during the performance, just marching and going through the motions.  Hmmm....

He'd better have a good reason.  😈



ShadowRun300 said...

Mom tent? I'm not even sure we had a TENT. I think we hung out under shade trees - and only during breaks. I loved band camp days though. There was no way I was going to try and get out of it.
Fun picture of Meego and the bangers. Even though i was a flag girl, the drum line was my favorite part of the band. So fun to watch!

Abby said...

Same here, we had to find a tree or something, and only when we were told we could take a break. No mom, no canopy, no cooler with little gatorades and granola bars! I loved it too.
I'm glad Meego's on drumline, and he really enjoys it. What's a marching band without drums??

Jimmy said...

In the shade of the Mom tent with no apparent injuries? yeah they just wanted to hang out with you :)

Meego looks like he is doing really good there.

Abby said...

Of course, they just wanted to hang out with me! Ha... no.

LL Cool Joe said...

You sound like the perfect person to be in the mom tent, giving out TLC to the kids. Okay, maybe not. :D

I'm trying to work out if Meego is wearing meggings under his shorts.

Abby said...

Ha, no meggings for Meego. He's just gotten very tan from two weeks of not being in the mom tent.

Ginny said...

I'm giggling at Mom tent. I would probably hang with you in the mom tent if given the choice.

Abby said...

That, I'd be cool with :)