Saturday, July 29, 2017

over the (big gelatinous) hump

That bug sting I got on Wednesday at approximately 11:26:43 AM but who's tracking?  Wish as I did for "just a glancing shot", the thing morphed into an ugly angry itchy hot lumpy thing.  Well, I suppose that was all of me in general.

It's a slow process.  In fact, I spent Wednesday afternoon volunteering at Meego's band camp while the leg remained pretty operational despite a growing red patch covering my inner thigh. But by Thursday morning, it was well on its way to Manatee Leg

CoinkyDinkly, I had a doctor's appointment Thursday morning for my annual "well woman" checkup.  That term always conjures up an image similar to--->
in my brain.

Even though a well woman checkup is not similar to that at all

ANYWAY, since I was there, I figured I'd ask the good doctor about this bee sting business

Not surprisingly, the lumpy thing did the asking for me. The doctor's medical jargon reply:

"What is THAT?!"

So we talked bee stings and my typical reaction.  I swear I thought this is something everyone goes through!  When others told me they just maybe get a little bump, I just figured they hadn't been stung by a "real" bee.  😕

But based on the fact that the doc has been through med school and all, and that she even went so far as to suggest I start carrying an Epipen, I began to realize that Manatee Leg (neck/chest/hand...) was not a normal reaction.

I think I'm over the worst of it now as it maxed out sometime Thursday into Friday.  There's still quite a bit of bee juice in there, but the redness and general discomfort has lessened.   I have an appointment next week with an allergist *fingers crossed*

In other news of excess stuff, Wolfgang has temporarily moved in

That's Meego at his computer among most of Wolfgang's crap.  Meego has an entire couch now for a "desk chair".  It was the most logical place for the couch, so be it.

Wolfgang's lease was up at his apartment, and he's not wanting to sign another lease as the plan is to move out of town in the near future.  In the meantime, he has his job here in town, but is looking to expand his employment horizons while filling our house with stuff.


Jimmy said...

Well I'd say that you got stung by a real bee, I've never had to use an epipen myself but if it would be beneficial I say go for it especially when it comes to taking care of yourself.

At least Wolfgangs stuff is somewhat organized, the only downfall I see is Meego getting used to that couch as a computer chair ha ha.

Linda Hensley said...

I thought people were either allergic or not to bees, allergic being a trip to the hospital because they can't breathe. The epipen sounds like a good idea. I have a working relationship with bees. I thank them for pollinating my garden and otherwise let them live their lives as long as they let me live mine. I'm soooo glad I got someone else's boxes out of my house. Wishing you harmony in the blended household.

Abby said...

Meego (and the cat) are rather liking the new "chair". So much for feng shui!

Abby said...

I think a full-blown allergy sends bee stingees to the hospital, but apparently there's some grey area.
These boxes are temporary - my mantra!

Ginny said...

I could be wrong but sometimes the reaction can be worse the next time around. I had an aunt who had been stung before and had a bad swelling reaction and the next time she got stung she had a really bad reaction and had to go to the hospital. Best to be safe!

Abby said...

Yikes, hope your Aunt's all right.
Actually, that's pretty on par with what the doc told me, "'s usually not the first one that kills ya" Sheesh.

Morgan C said...

Ouch! I'm glad it's starting to get better!

My sons would absolutely love a couch for their computer chair.

Abby said...

Thanks, it almost feels like a leg again. And I think I would like a couch for a computer chair now that I've seen one in action!

ShadowRun300 said...

I'm so glad you had a coinkydinky doc appointment! You need to mount that epipen right next to the water bottle on your bike.
If you pick up and move 400 miles away from your kids, it's not so easy for them to move back home. Just sayin'.... ;)

Abby said...

It's almost strange how coinkydinkly the doctor's appointment was, but whatever works!
Ah, the old move-400-miles-away strategy! Hmmm...

LL Cool Joe said...

I can relate to the house being full of kids crap again. My daughter is home from Uni, and my youngers bedroom appears to have become my Granddaughter's bedroom. How did that happen?