Monday, June 12, 2017

stars, daisies, and chicken

I convened in Denver over the weekend.  It was P.E.O. state convention time, and once again, I played the role of chapter delegate.

Running Sue joined me again along with another sis, Dya.

It was a successful convention.  We had a good time, and took care of business, but I'm a little sick right now of stars and daisies - both of which figure prominently in P.E.O.  Enough with the stars and daisies already!

In fact, those stars with the holes in the middle in the photo above?  They are there to be held up with your face poking through the hole while snapping pics.

We were all, "uhm... yeah... we're not doing that..."

So I got to catch up with a few friends from my hometown too.  I actually ended up knowing more of them than I did attendees from where I live now.  And one of our scholarship recipients is from my hometown and spoke at the banquet - bonus!

A good time with the Sisters.  Now I'm expected to report everything back to my local chapter, which could be summarized as

"Two and a half days of stars, daisies, and chicken"

I might need to add a bit more detail.


Jimmy said...

"Two and a half days of stars, daisies, and chicken" now if this sums it up what more can they expect, a picture of you with your face stuck in a star?...I think not.

Isn't it funny how many hometown people you can run into that you know, I bet that was really nice.

Abby said...

Nope, not doing the star face.
And yes, it was surprisingly nice to unexpectedly run into so many hometown friends, especially since it's such a small town. There went the neighborhood.

Morgan Cartwright said...

Perfect summary! I think that's how you should present it. :)

Abby said...

Maybe I will, it will be the Cliff's notes version!

ShadowRun300 said...

Maybe a few too many stars and daisies, but a nice get-away none the less. I've come to cherish my meeting get-aways. It's fun to catch up with people I rarely see.

Abby said...

All those hometown peeps being there was a fun surprise, but I also enjoy meeting new people at these things. Even if they turn out to be weirdos, it's only for a couple days!

Lori said...

Can you ever really get too much of stars and daisies? I don't blame you for not posing like a starface. Catching up with old friends is always fun though

Abby said...

Yes, to answer your question. It turns out I can get too much of stars and daisies.