Sunday, April 2, 2017

nothing to see here, so get out

This past week was spring break for the area school kids.  Get it?  "spring break"?? 

Okay, sorry.

We didn't plan anything particularly getaway-ish because of the difficulties involved with having an old dog when planning a getaway.  Of course, as reported, we no longer have the old dog...

Magnum actually got to get away.  He attended a workshop/class that he's been wanting to do for a while.  Even though it was scheduled for spring break, since we didn't have any plans anyway, he went for the class held out of town.  Wolfgang and some friends took off for a few fun-filled days in Mexico.  Gosh, just typing that makes me jealous.

So left behind, it was pretty much just Meego and me, lucky him.  

I had a light work week as most of my tutees took the week off.  So I mainly got caught up on a few things.  One of those things involved going to lovely Parker, Colorado, a sleepy town to the north of us.  My reasons for needing to go there are too boring to blog about, but away we went.  

I figured I'd have Meego drive me to get the last of his driving hours in as his driver's license eligibility is coming up soon.  So, off to Parker it was.  It was sort of adventurous as the weather was crap - as tends to happen during spring break and we don't leave - lots of fog.  

I confess that I didn't have high expectations of Parker.  It's actually bigger than I thought it was, but that's not saying much.  As far as I know, there's not a whole lot of industry in Parker.  It provides schools and services for the outlying ranchers, and I think many residents live there and commute to Denver.  

But we found it to be clean with fairly new shops and restaurants and very little hustle and bustle.  I took care of my necessary business, and Meego and I indulged in a good lunch before heading back.  The "trip", if it even counts as one, only served to remind me that I need a real getaway.  I was happy to go to Parker, for chrissakes!  The only reason being that it was someplace I'd never been!

Better than nothing?

On another day of crap weather and no appointments, Meego and I went and saw "Get Out".  Have you seen it?  Oooh, it's good.  Two thumbs up.  And creepy.  Very creepy.

That was my exciting spring break.  You?


Riot Kitty said...

I'm sorry about the old dog...just catching up after a long hiatus.

Abby said...

Thanks, RK!

Jimmy said...

Going somewhere you have never been is always worth it for me, isn't it nice for a trip to turn out better than anticipated, and the time with Meego was a bonus.

Abby said...

You're right, Jimmy. I looked at it as just another thing to check off the list, but I admit, it was oddly fun :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Our Easter break has just begun. My older daughter arrived back from Uni on Sunday and will be here for a month. I was really looking forward to seeing her, but blimey I forgot just how much mess she creates in just a couple of days!

I hope you get this break you are longing for, you sure do need it.

ShadowRun300 said...

You need a REAL vacation, although it sounds like Parker might have been enough of an "adventure" to hold you off for a while. But heck, you may as well have come to Joplin. I know a nice little hotel that would love to have you as a guest. ;)

Abby said...

Wow, she gets a whole month? Happy cleanup, enjoy the daughter time!

Abby said...

Joplin sounds jammin'! I'd bet it could hold a candle or TWO to Parker. (You guys do that "happy hour" thing, right?)

ShadowRun300 said...

Don't tell me our happy hour gives us a leg up over Parker... It must be a VERY sleepy town.