Monday, February 13, 2017

hipsters, Apples, and garbage

I didn't make it to Meego and Company's first winter percussion show of the season.  It was on Saturday, and I was tuting, but I happily volunteered Magnum to go along and help out.  I guess they did okay, Magnum sent me a photo during warm-up.  These guys look like a band of hipsters...

Also according to Magnum, they sounded pretty good.  Given that Magnum is tone deaf, I'll just assume they made a decent showing.

Before I'd left to go tute, a package arrived for Chaco.  He often sends mail-order things here since mail too big for his mailbox just gets left outside his apartment door.  When I returned home, the box was gone, but there was some trash, so I figured he'd come by and picked it up.

Yesterday, he graced us with his presence to pick up another thing he was expecting, so I asked him about the package from Saturday, and he showed us his shiny new iPad mini.  He'd come by on Saturday to pick up the case he'd ordered for it.

Why would he have an iPad mini?  He's said he doesn't really like Apple products, so such things are pretty foreign in our household.  Turned out he won the dang thing.

Apparently there was a Cyberspace Symposium here last week that featured a hacking competition.  So Chaco and three of his hacker friends decided to play along and ended up taking first place.  They each received iPad minis.  As he showed it to us, I'm thinking he has warmed a little bit toward Apple products.

While I was happy for HIM, I lamented how cool free stuff is often given to people who don't need cool free stuff.  Hacking skillz and job opportunities go pretty hand-in-hand.  Kinda like employee perks and discounts - it's the unemployed who need perks and discounts, amIright?!   I'm probably just feeling sorry for myself... and wishing I had hacking skillz.

Anyway, he was here and people were hungry and I sure as heck didn't feel like cooking was feeling generous and festive, so we decided to give Wolfgang a call and head out for a family meal someplace.

We ended up at Famous Dave's and ordered this garbage plate

It was actually quite good and the right size for our "party of 4 - 6".  I think it's actually called the "All American Feast" or something similar, but I think of it as the garbage plate because it's all served on an upturned garbage can lid -how "All American" is that?

And seemingly before I knew it, it's Monday.

How was your weekend, in 3 words?


Morgan Cartwright said...

Derby, Cookies, Childrens!

Three words was hard.

Abby said...

And yet you did it! Now I'm wondering...

ShadowRun300 said...

Wait. My weekend or the real weekend.
The real weekend: Smokers, lovers, aggravation
My weekend: Too, far, away
(Famous Dave's was my first taste of BBQ. I've been hooked ever since.)

Abby said...

Extra credit for you!
Doesn't smokin' come after lovin'? Or maybe it depends on what they're smokin'.