Sunday, November 13, 2016

the cops, deflation, finders, and losers

A police car pulled in front of our house this morning.  Then another.  Then another... Eventually, I think there were six.  I have no idea what it was about, I was just seeing to important operational matters (laundry) when it began. So this was me for a while:

 I still don't know what happened.  They had a guy in the back of one of the cars and an officer was questioning him, but I didn't see who it was.  I could just make out the back of his head, and from that angle, he didn't look particularly familiar.  Young guy.  Teenager maybe.

I got tired of gawking and went to take a shower.  When I came out, they were leaving.  Mystery abounds.

Other than that, there was an election this week.  I will not share any more commentary on the presidential result, as we all know there is PLENTY of that available.  I instead offer a reprieve.  I will say that I was glad to see more states legalize recreational marijuana.  Now all the stoners who come here for, literally, greener pastures have more choices.

I got a flat tire on Friday, deemed it "Flat Tire Friday" (FTF), and posted the pic of poor Alice onto the facebook Bicycle Commuter page

One cohort offered, "At least it's only flat on the bottom".  haha.

But I was thankful that it was a mild and sunny day, and that I was near the park-n-ride where I could easily perform CPR near the bicycle garages.

Magnum and I got in a bit of geocaching again yesterday, to keep the streak alive.  We didn't make it to the boonies, but found several caches within walking distance of home.  I swear those things are everywhere, who knew?!

This one was underneath a traffic signal pole, like I need an excuse to rummage around the underneath of a traffic signal pole.

The high school football team made the playoffs and had their first game at home last night.  Magnum and I went to show our support while Meego banged his drum for the pep band.  It was close, but our team lost.

It happens.



ShadowRun300 said...

Aw! Poor Alice. I have yet to have a flat tire on my bike (Knock on wood). 'Course I don't ride as often as you. I've been shown how to change one, but for the life of me, I can't remember what he did. So I'll just keep hoping it never happens.
Unfortunately it seems like our nice weather might be coming to an end. Glad you're making the most of it!
Mario's high school football team lost in their first playoff game as well. It happens here too....

Abby said...

In three years and who-knows-how-many-miles, I can remember four flat tires, so it's not that frequent a thing (knock on wood). I'm sure you could handle the operation just fine, but I hope it doesn't happen to you because it's annoying.

Tee said...

We're always so fascinated with events involving cops, aren't we? Can't help gawking! I was going to say that I hope it was nothing too serious and your neighbors are all okay. But with six cars there? I think something major was happening.

Election week... I'm glad it's over and things are beginning to settle somewhat. I read an article that said if "Did not vote" would have been a contender for the country's decision, no candidate would have won. In all but a handful of states, "Did not vote" made up a higher percentage than votes for all other candidates. Sad.

Abby said...

I never did find out what was goin' down with the cops. From what I could tell, a family up the street was having some sort of dispute. But SIX squad cars??

I know that lots of people hated both presidential candidates, so didn't want to vote. I get that, but don't complain now.

Ramzu Zahini said...

You named your bike Alice? :)
Now i must think a name for my foldable bike too!