Sunday, September 11, 2016

silver liningness and a throwback

I'm still muddling around a bit drunkenly, so I thought I'd take a break from whining about it to reflect on good things this week.  I think there's been slight improvement in the fight against the off-balance wars, more than just wishful thinking.  Patience is not typically one of my strengths.

For one thing, I've gotten quite a bit done around the house since I've been a bit grounded.  Just some general tidying and clean up of the house and yard.  Put more stuff into the donation pile and even sold some stuff on craigslist.

I sold a big pile of Legos that no one has used in years.  I saw some other ads with people asking $100 or more for a similar pile, but their ads had been sitting for over a month.  Other ads were more reasonable, so I priced ours accordingly.

I got five emails in about 5 minutes and thought, "Oh sh*t, maybe I should've asked a little more!"  Thankfully the emails calmed down.  The guy who bought them came to get them about an hour after I'd placed the ad, so I was able to take the ad down quickly before it generated any more interest.

He was so nice and appreciative, and told me they would be shared among eight cousins, aged 5 thru 11.  He even texted me later to say thanks again and that he'd sent the kids pictures and they were all so excited.  I told him that I just wanted them to go to kids who would enjoy them as much as ours did.  I think I got a bingo.

Recall that we went to look at the balloons for the Labor Day Liftoff on Monday.  It was actually Meego's idea.  During marching band season, we don't see a whole lot of him, so it was nice that he suggested something for Labor Day.

I reminded him that when we lived in Utah, the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival was practically in our backyard, and we would traipse on over there every year.  In many ways, I thought that was a nicer event because there were craft vendors (the ones here were mostly just food vendors) and a car show in addition to all the bloonz.

But alas, Meego said, although he's aware of it mainly from people talking about it, he didn't really remember much.

I knew we were there, after all, I had plenty of memories.

I found some old photos.  Yup, I'd say it was a little before Meego was socking things away into the memory banks.


LL Cool Joe said...

That's why I love selling stuff on ebay, it always gives me great pleasure to think the kids stuff has gone to a new home, and of course it gets it out of ours too.

I hope your dizziness improves, you always look the picture of health to me!

Abby said...

Yep, gets it out of our house - that's part of the payment too! Once it's sold, it's none of my business what the new owners do with the stuff, but it's nice to think of our trash being someone's treasure.

ShadowRun300 said...

I hope by now your drunkeness has improved. I feel for you.
When we had our garage sale shortly after changing homes, we sold a HUGE box of Legos to a grandma. She couldn't believe how cheap we were selling it for. In fact, she offered to give us more and we told her no. I'm like you, just wanted to get rid of it and happy to see it going to a new home.
Sweet pic of Magnum and Meego. :)

Abby said...

The kids give me a hard time for not asking "top dollar" when selling used stuff, but I just want it gone. If someone who really appreciates it buys it, all the better!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Good call on the Lego, no pint asking for too much and sitting on it for ages. Uncomfortable.

Abby said...

Exactly. Clearance sale.

Ramzu Zahini said...

I am the eldest child and I don't believe I shared my toys with my siblings because most of them were destroyed before their arrival.
I buy toys now too, and I rarely share. And heaven's forbid, sell them!

Abby said...

HaHa. Well, I was the youngest, so had a fair share of hand-me-downs. At least I was the only girl, so my girly toys were all mine!