Sunday, September 25, 2016

guilt prizes and wave riding

Greetings and Happy Fall!  Remember to flip that mattress!

My P.E.O. chapter had our 3rd annual Oktoberfest shindig yesterday.  Not a great turnout, but we took in a good amount of cash, and those of us who were there had a good time together.  Like one sis said,

"You party for the ones who are there".

Works for me!

In fact, we were having such a nice time, I didn't get any pictures like I intended to.  However, I did get lucky enough to win one of the door prizes.  A Pampered Chef pitcher!  So here's a picture of my pitcher

In all honesty, I'm feeling a little guilty that I won it.  See, one sis, "Lil", had to leave early because she's a labor and delivery nurse, and she had to go labor and deliver.  So I took the seat she had just vacated to eat my brat and saurekraut.  

When the door prize was announced, my ticket was not a winner, but I noticed the one that Lil had left behind was the winner and I raised my hand in victory.  So now I have a guilt pitcher.

In other wins, my balance troubles (are you as sick of hearing about it as I'm sick of having it?) are improving.  I saw a vestibular rehabilitation therapist this week who, literally, is getting me on the straight and narrow.  We're pretty sure it's sinus pressure from my allergies messing with one of my ears.  

So now I'm taking Sudafed.  Did you know that, although Sudafed doesn't require a prescription, you have to get it from a pharmacist so they can take down your personal information, and you can promise that you won't use it to cook meth?  I can just see all the meth cooks out there...

"Well, since I promised that pharmacist, guess I won't do it now..."

In the meantime, the therapist gave me some stabilizing exercises as well as some ways of coping with the waves I'm riding.  They're working.  Yay.

So a good start to fall!  Death to &%#*<+  Ragweed!



LL Cool Joe said...

So couldn't you just giver the pitcher to Lil if you feel guilty? Or you don't feel that guilty? Ha.

I'm glad you are feeling slightly better, sounds like an unusual illness.

Abby said...

Yeah I emailed Lil to tell her she won. She'd left her ticket to give our table another chance to win. I certainly don't need a Lil-left-to-bring-babies-into-the-world pitcher!

ShadowRun300 said...

I kinda like the pitcher, but it would just sit in my cupboard unused. Much like many of my other kitchen utensils and appliances.
Glad your Oktoberfest was semi-successful. A lot of work goes into those things, so it's nice you made some money.
Speaking of meth, did you know you can train bees to find meth labs? Other things too, like land mines! I just learned this fun fact from a guest tonight. I hate to think you're missing out on the perfect running and biking weather.
Anyway.... Glad to hear you're feeling a little better.

Abby said...

Oktoberfest was a nice team effort. And no, I did not know you could train bees to do anything, let alone find meth labs and land mines! They're such good little workers.
And yes, this whole month of September has been lovely outside, but pretty much a write-off for me to enjoy it. But in the grand scheme of things, it's a minor glitch.

ShadowRun300 said...

Good for you to look at the big picture. I fail to do that sometimes.
Did you notice my minor comment glitch last night? Some sentences switched places. But maybe you figured that out.... :)

Abby said...

Oooh, a rearranged-sentences comment! Ghosts, just in time for Halloween!

Ramzu Zahini said...

I only have one pitcher at home and my housemate use it to store boiled water.
I myself drink from over-larged mugs and glasses.
Oh and I adore practical teapots!

Abby said...

I love teapots too. If that was a door prize, I don't know if I'd hand it to Lil so easily!

Anita said...

Pampered Chef makes quality stuff. I hope it will get some use so that Marie Kondo won't make you get rid of it.

I remember a guilt incident, too: Back in the day when I was on a business trip, I walked over to a presentation at a convention center just as it was ending; i.e. heard none of it. But, put a ticket in the basket and it was drawn. Very nice pen as the prize. The guy had a look on his face that said, "You don't deserve this" and so did a few others. I smiled, thanked him, and took my pen.

I've been off of the blogging bandwagon, so I missed your balance issue; however, if I'm assuming correctly, I had the same or similar issue in March. I would raise my head from the pillow and the bed would slant... in my mind. And standing still was an problem. Not fun. The weather had changed (the cause?) and I waited it out. Just as I made the decision to see a doctor, I began to feel somewhat normal.

I'll look for your post. I assume it's over now?

Abby said...

I gave the pitcher to Lily - yay, no more guilt. She has a bigger family than mine, so should get lots of use out of that pitcher.

My September was an unbalanced blur, narrowed down to sinus pressure from allergies messing with my ear(s). It was like being drunk all the time without the fun. And yes, it's over now.

You HAVE been off the blogging bandwagon. I've noticed!