Monday, September 5, 2016


Happy Labor Day, Americans!  Happy Monday, everybody else!

Today, we celebrate the hard workin' people by not working.  For the last two Labor Days, I'd volunteered for the American Discovery Trail Marathon, but this year decided to... not.  I wasn't sure of my schedule for this year, and it turned out I could've volunteered, but no biggie.  I'm sure they went ahead with the event without Meego and me.

So in lieu of all that excitement, we still got up early and headed down for the Labor Day Lift Off:  A buncha hot air balloons.


It was a very nice morning for it, so us slobs who weren't running or working a marathon stood around and looked at balloons.  Here are some of our photos in no particular order

Okay, so I'm still learning to remember where the camera lens is on my phone.  Sheesh, my photos look like the ones my grandma used to take!

These bee balloons - I was worried they were stalking me, but they seemed friendly enough.

... a rare pic where Meego agreed to face the camera.

Have to include the Colorado Springs "Olympic City" balloon as proper blog propoganda.

So a nice way to spend the morning before it all rolls up and summer is declared over.  It was a  nice summer, now onto the next thing.

Doing anything fun today?


  1. Wait. I celebrated by actually working. I must have misunderstood what Labor Day is.
    Looks like it was a beautiful day for bloonz. The bee LOOKS cute and harmless, but with your record.... Best to stay away.
    I like your pics, finger and all.

    1. You hospitality sector people need to get with the program! I had a feeling you'd be laboring.

  2. Replies
    1. My phone camera seems to need "just right" conditions for decent pics. I guess these were it.

  3. Always loved those mass balloon events. The evening glows are especially spectacular. Something about all those unique designs floating aloft in mass.

    1. They are pretty. And so quiet. Couldn't pay me enough to go up in one, though.

  4. I have a hard time teaching students how hot air balloons float...
    It's quite a rarity here too.

    1. It's a popular hobby around here since our air is pretty thin. They're pretty, but you couldn't pay me to go up in one!