Sunday, August 28, 2016

rocks and sammiches

This was a good and productive week, although it's a bit sad to say "goodbye" to summer.  Summer seems to have just flown on by, and we didn't really have any memorable getaways.  As consolation, at least I completed a summer class, so there's light at the end of that tunnel.  And I did have a couple of nice tutees.

In the getaway department, although I never left the state, I can now say that TWO - count 'em - TWO blog friends came to visit!

Recall that Shadowrun300 was here just a couple of weeks ago with two of her sons, and today, I got to meet the World Famous Agg79 in the flesh!

He'd emailed me recently, saying he had a business trip out this way and could we meet up?  Well, yeah!

Originally, we thought we'd just get together for lunch, but then he mentioned he might want to do a bit of hiking while here.  After considering the options, the vote went to Red Rock Canyon open space, where I've hiked twice now with Shadowrun.

It covers quite a bit of area, isn't too touristy, and has a large parking lot to accommodate plenty of visitors and blog friends who are trying to organize a meetup.

Magnum and I arrived at the designated time, and I was glad we'd chosen that particular attraction as the parking lot was quite full.  Other places we were considering have smaller parking areas, making that a concern considering it's the weekend and a nice weatherly day.

The next task was to find Agg.  That turned out to be quite easy as I soon spotted a rather tall man walking around in a shirt bearing the state flag of Texas!

And what a nice time it was!  Agg is as nice if not nicer in person than he is on his blog, not surprisingly.  We traipsed around the trail system while chatting about dogs, military life, college football, travel, Airstreams...  In fact, we were so engrossed in various discussions, that I didn't get many photos.  That one posted up there?  That's about it.

Thunderclouds were rumbling a bit in the distance, but thankfully, they stayed off to our west, allowing us to enjoy the trails along with quite a few others out with kids and/or dogs.  A few brave souls were geared up and climbing the rock faces, while a handful of mountain bikers were enjoying the day too.

I knew Agg and Mag would get along as they have much in common, like both being engineers and ex army guys.  Well... and they both know me.

After our hike, we headed to a nearby local brewery for tasty sandwiches, craft beer, and more conversation.  Soon enough, it was time to break off our visit.  As we pulled out of the parking lot, I texted Meego to see that he was up and being productive.

"Whachu doing?"

"I'm doing great..."

Oops, I'd accidentally texted Agg instead of Meego - HA! - which Agg pretty much figured out.

Thanks for the fun, Agg!  Until next time!



LL Cool Joe said...

How cool so you have spent the summer meeting blogging buddies, and neither of them have been serial killers. That's a bonus! And you look like you are cheating because I'm sure you are standing on tip toe in that photo. :D

Abby said...

I may have been standing on a strategic rock, he's a tall guy. And yes, two blog friend visits and no serial killers. But third time's a charm! Who's next??

ShadowRun300 said...

I was thinking 'bout you two today and hoping everything worked out! Red Rock Open Space works well for blog buddy meet-ups. Obviously.
So glad you two were able to meet, and that Magnum was able to come along. I'm sure there was plenty of conversation. And I can vouch that there never seems to be enough time to "catch up". I always go away wishing for more. Guess that's a good thing though.
Anyway, great pic of the two of you! (Thank goodness, right? Since it was the only one?)
And I've had a similar texting accident. I meant to text my hubby that I was coming home soon, but it went to my boss! Oops.

agg79 said...

Who says I’m not a serial killer? Don’t most serial killers wear a Texas flag shirt?

It was great to have the opportunity to meet up with you and Magnum! I’m glad to have made the trek down from Denver to hook up with you guys. I figured it might be hard to spot me, so why not go with an obnoxious Texas shirt? We definitely covered a lot of ground, both physically and verbally. The trails were pretty neat, I can see why the area is so popular with everyone. Not too difficult for an old fat flatlander like me. I only wish I had Grayson with us - he would have had a blast. Like many of my visits, it was way too short. I kept remembering things I wanted to talk about after we left the Roundhouse.

Thanks again for playing trail guide and the follow up text! Maybe the next time we’ll do the incline.

Abby said...

Hey, we were thinking 'bout you too! We almost went to Helen Hunt Falls, but I'm sure it was crowded there. Dang tourists ;)

Abby said...

I'm glad you took time out to head our way too! You can tell Grayson all about it later. Save those conversation topics for next time, maybe the incline will actually be open for business.

Tee said...

Hey, I thought that tall guy looked familiar! So glad you two got to meet and that Agg got to have a look around your neighborhood and enjoy some of the sites!

Abby said...

It was a nice few hours. It's nice that he's easy to spot in a crowd!

Sparkling Red said...

It's always a good sign when you're so busy enjoying your conversation that you don't take too many photos.

Abby said...