Sunday, July 17, 2016

hot and heavy

I just got back from the mall.  I hardly ever  go to the mall except once a year or so to remind myself of why I hardly ever go.

Magnum and Wolfgang went to the shooting range, and I'd dropped Meego off at a driving lesson.  I had a couple of hours to kill and "need" some short sleeve tops, so I went to the mall and found nuh-thing.

Really, I think I just went for the air conditioning.

This was a busy and productive week, between the tutin' and the schoolin' and the PEO-in'.  And when I wasn't doing one of those things, I either wanted to go out and play or watch some mindless TV while doing the obligatory housekeeping.  As a result, I've given my blog and the ones I regularly visit a lot of enthusiastic neglect.

Speaking of playing, I have been regularly using that high faluting gym we recently joined.  I'm trying to do something about my current state of scrawn.  There are quite a few strong-and-look-it women of all ages at the place, and I'm using them for my inspiration.  The basic recipe for improvement I've found from my extensive *COUGH* research, is to lift heavier things and eat more.

So far, I've noticed no changes whatsoever.  Except for maybe slight gains in the food baby.

Oh well, I'm still in the experimental stages.  Yay science.



ShadowRun300 said...

I rarely go to the mall, and even rarely-er do I find something. My daughter, however, manages to find something each and every time.
Glad to see you're liking the gym. I never thought I would, yet two years later, I'm still at it. I don't hit the weights though. Too self conscious and would rather bulk up *cough* at home.
Stay cool!

Abby said...

When I was Mario's age, I had no problem with good finds at the mall.
I wasn't sure if the gym scene would just be a meat market for the younger crowd, but it's actually pretty nice with a variety of ages and abilities. I look forward to going.
I have a friend who can squat her bodyweight... and her bodyweight is such that she can squat it. An impressive spiral.

lotta joy said...

Waaaaay back *sniff* in my FIFTIES I started lifting weights at the gym. I still walked, but there were so many ways to work different parts of my body. I did "toe lifts" that built up my calf muscles enormously. When I started leg lifts, I had to lift 20 pounds and I'd laugh because the lift was always set to 90 pounds. (I figured someone was fooling with me) Within 3 months, 90 pounds was nothing for me. My thighs started to bulge in the front and were hard as rocks. Ah, sweet memories. And honey, I was in my FIFTIES. So I know you can be anything you want to be. p.s. I did it every other day.

Abby said...

This does NOT surprise me. And you're right, there are many ways to work the many different parts. I found many wimpy leg parts that apparently bicycling and running do nothing for!

Anita said...

Let's see... what do I comment on - malls or exercise.

Not a fan of the mall. I've said/whined this so much over the years that maybe you remember. Sorry you couldn't find tops, but glad you lowered your body temp.

No bulk, but a food baby?! I'm sure it's your imagination. But if not, I hope it's not twins.

Shooting range... as in real guns and real bullets? I've shot a gun once in my life and must admit that it gave me a rush.

Abby said...

Twins? Oh no!
Yes, real guns and bullets. It's been a long time since I've joined them, but I also enjoy it and the satisfaction of a bullseye!
And now it occurs to me that I may have given away my answer to the Hillary question to that nosey robot.

Sparkling Red said...

This weekend it's been around 35 degrees C in Toronto, so I have spent most of my quality time indoors. Malls are pretty great for escaping on hot days, but for my latest sleeveless top shopping I went to Value Village. I scored three shirts for $12. Sweet!

Abby said...

35 degrees sounds heavenly right now! Then I converted to Fahrenheit. Yuck.
I do appreciate the mall for getting out of the heat. If only there were other reasons to go.