Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wake up!

I was at work, and the group I worked for had just moved to a beautiful new building. I was walking around the building with some co-workers, checking out the new digs.  There were large areas, each for different work functions - administrative, HR, IT, finance, engineering, facilities, etc - and so each area had its own "personality".

Since the building was new and we were in the process of moving in, most of the areas weren't yet occupied. But there were paper layouts/maps that showed the different workspaces with people's names written in marker at their assigned spots.

I kept walking around, noting how nice the building environment was with its large open areas, high ceilings, large windows, and pleasant modern furnishings.  But I couldn't find my name on any of the maps.  I knew I was in the right place as I recognized other people and saw their names, but where was I supposed to go?  I was getting frustrated.

Then I woke up.

I woke up, but I remained frustrated for a while as the dream cobwebs slowly ebbed away.

And then Shia Labeouf was with me... "Don't let your dreams be dreams!"

Yeah, preach it!  Well... maybe just not the part about not "finding myself".  On that note, back-to-school this week.  I don't typically remember my dreams, but that one seemed to mirror my wanting to be finished with school and actually working.  Somewhere.

Also this week was our P.E.O. "Christmas in January!" party after our real party was called on account of a snowstorm.  It was a good time.  Our hostess had even left all her decorations up, so it actually felt like Christmas - just when I thought it was all done.  Some ladies even wore their ugly Christmas sweaters for the occasion.  At least I think they were purposely ugly...

Then yesterday, I attended the first meeting of the high school site improvement committee.  Remember?  I volunteered to identify capital project(s) to make the high school more sparkly?  So our meeting mainly consisted of taking a tour of the school.  And here I was worried that I wouldn't find anything to agree to spend money on.  NOT a problem!

Funny that Meego didn't mention the run down locker rooms or dated classrooms when I asked him for input.  But then, judging by his bedroom, that state is probably normal to him.

So while I still haven't found my name in marker in the pretty new building, I've got school and working for free to keep me out of trouble.




agg79 said...

I just hate when that happens. Isn't that a recurring dream of most Engineers? Wandering aimlessly in the cube farm looking for your desk? Sort of like the dream of showing up for class and forgot to study for the test?

I can't wait to see what capital improvements you are going to make for the kids. Gold plated water fountains using Clearly Colorado water? Or a Starbucks in the cafeteria?

Ms. CrankyPants said...

Ooooh! Since my trip to Colorado is fresh in my mind, I have a BRILLIANT suggestion: a Sweet Coloradough shop ( The kids will love you (and, more importantly, you'll have ready access to freaking cronuts -- an delicious abomination consisting of a croissant/doughnut). OMG. I remember little about the breathtaking scenery, weed shops, laid-back people...but I do remember the cronuts.

Abby said...

A friend of mine, another enginerd who recently started a new job, said she had a similar dream before her first day. Except she eventually found her desk - in the parking lot. What's the deal??

Abby said...

Gasp! I'd never even heard of Sweet Coloradough until now! Heck, if we also put in a weed shop, the cronuts will fly even more off the shelves! Everyone happy!

Ms. CrankyPants said...

Dude. Brilliant. Brilliant, I say!

Lori said...

A sparkly high school sounds like a big project, but how rewarding to see your ideas turn into real improvements.

I hate the dreams where your spouse does something to make you mad and when you wake up, you're still mad at them.

Harlynn said...

I agree with Lori about having vivid dreams that affect reality. Sounds like you're doing good in school!

- Harlynn

Tee said...

Our local high school could use some sparkle too. It's amazing to me the vast amounts of money that get spent in this country on things like entertainment, dining and gambling facilities. And yet our schools are lacking in SO many ways. I hope you're an instigator of positive change!

Abby said...

I really hope the high school thing turns out well.
I've had those dreams where he does something to piss me off. Then I wake up, and there he is. Ripe for the punching!

Abby said...

I rarely remember dreams, and prefer not to remember the ones where I wake up all mad!

Abby said...

The high school is functional, but I was surprised at how long some areas had gone without a makeover.

Ginny said...

Our high school was very 1960s and dated. I remember when we finally started getting new lockers, they got my floor right after I graduated so I never had a new locker. Ah well. It's amazing what a little makeover can do. Can't wait to hear what projects you guys decide on.

ShadowRun300 said...

I rarely remember my dreams as well, but I know I've woken up mad or upset, and sometimes the feelings will last all day! I'm glad you're back at it and working towards your goal of, well, working. I'm thinking it'll turn out better than your dream did.
The private school our kids go to was recently upgraded their lounge and cafeteria area. It's now equipped with charging stations and comfortable seating. Pretty cool but privately funded. I think it would be fun to help makeover a school. Can't wait to hear/see the difference!

Sparkling Red said...

Ah, yes, I have that type of dream often. Although usually it's that I've moved into a bigger home, and I'm exploring all the rooms. Then I wake up in my tiny condo and remind myself how nice it is to be cozy and not use a lot of fuel to heat the place. :-)