Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hey, thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are reading this!  Even if  you're not American and this isn't a federal  holiday for you!

I got up this morning at the predetermined time to make it to the annual Turkey Trot.  The weather forecast wasn't too favorable, but I was willing to give it a go.  Skies were overcast with temperatures in the mid 20s, so I was still willing.

I layered up, slathered my face with Burt's Bees, then went outside for a little road test.  I went nearly to the bottom of our driveway with hardly even moving my feet.  That's what happens when there's practically no friction to be found.

The whole outside was covered in a thin film of icy frosty slippery.

I contemplated.  Then I went inside and contemplated some more.  Then I went out the back door and contemplated some more.  Then I decided that running a race in those conditions was a trip to the ER waiting to happen.

So, no Turkey Trot for me this year. But I'm sure they got plenty of registrants, and the proceeds go to stock local food pantries, so it's all good.  It just would've been nice to have the traditional 5k included. Race people notified us to be careful, and that they were putting ice melt on the course.  I still got the shirt, but #2078 was a no-show.

Online results showed that about half the typical number showed up, and finish times were noticeably slower.  But I'm glad the event happened.  No major injuries that I know of!

In the meantime, I've got stuff cookin'.  It's just us this year, no dignified guests at our table, and we're not travelling.  I don't work very hard at it.  The most difficult part so far has been stuffing the bird, and I don't mean in the traditional sense.

I cook it in the slow cooker overnight up until eating time, and every year, it's touch-and-go getting the bird to fit.  I really should get one of those oval cookers, but I only think of it on Thanksgiving.  I managed to just wrestle another sacrificial turkey this year, but it took some exertion on my part.

So Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm thankful to all who continue to visit me and hoping you're all comfy, warm, and satisfied!



LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha that cartoon cracked me up. Well there was no turkey here, well unless my mother counts. I've had her here staying for two nights. NEVER AGAIN!

Hope your day was more enjoyable than mine.

Abby said...

Ooh, from what we know of your mother, I'm pretty certain that my day was more enjoyable than yours! Hang in there, Joey.

ShadowRun300 said...

I loved the cartoon too! Glad to hear you had a great day, despite not being able to trot that morning.
We have yet to have our traditional Thanksgiving Day meal due to my crazy schedule. I'll have to consider a crock pot turkey. Never thought to do that before. And I have an oval one! :)

Abby said...

I'm confident there will be future turkey trots!
A few years ago, someone (who was it??) recommended slow cooking the turkey. I tried it and have never looked back. As long as you don't feel a need for that golden skin color, it's easy clean-up and no worries about the meat overcooking and drying out. Yummy and easy - as long as you can get the lid on!

Tee said...

So I've just left you two comments that didn't seem to publish and am thinking maybe they're hiding in comment moderation somewhere in your blog dashboard ... so I won't repeat myself yet again. Just trying to figure out how to leave you a comment from my new identity and let you know where to find my new digs! :-)

Abby said...

Oh, hi... uhm... "Tee". Do I have comment moderation? Or maybe it's your new ID getting a background check. I'll look into this ;)

Tee said...

Or it could just be my lack of knowledge about commenting with a WordPress ID on a Blogger blog. I used to always use a Blogger ID, in spite of where I was actually writing. I'll get the hang of this eventually. Glad you found me!

Riot Kitty said...

LMAO at that comic!

Abby said...

Maybe I'll try it next year ;)