Sunday, June 7, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Hello, Junebugs!  First full week of June is in the books, and it was another goody.

First of all, how 'bout that American Pharoah, eh?  Did you watch the race?  Good thing they're so fast, I don't think I remembered to breathe from start to finish.  I don't bet on the horses, but I do enjoy watching a good race.  A Triple Crown win was exciting to see.

In similar speedy news, but not really, this week included a few breaks between storms.  I was able to spend my bicycle commutes with speedy Alice.  No offense to Bella, who is great in less-than-ideal weather. But Alice is the true speedster of the crew and keeps me crowned in my queendom status, so it was certainly fun to get back into that saddle.  Forget Caitlyn Jenner.  Alice, you GO girl!

I had my first Sky Sox (minor league baseball) concession duty this week with the band boosters.  As expected, it was busy and fun.  The night was clear and pleasant and was one of several Military Appreciation nights at the field, so the game was well-attended.  Good times.  I'm actually looking forward to my remaining games.  It surprises me  how much people spend on baseball junk food.

Baseball provides such a friendly atmosphere and fans are, for the most part, good people to be around.  That's what makes this weekend's Fenway Park accident all the more scary and tragic.  I'm watching that story and surely hoping for a full recovery.  The band actually had a fly ball come into the concession stand and land in the fryer at a recent game.  It was christened "Fry Ball", and luckily no one was hit and it just made for a fun story.

And while we parents were doling out beer and deep fried everything, Meego was attending mini band camp - 2 days and one night of sheer band geekness.

Geocaching has been in a bit of a lull thanks to lightning storms and general adult responsible behaviors, but we managed to log one this week.  Meego had an orthodontist appointment, and I noticed that there was a cache nearby.  He was lobbying for Lulu's (frozen yogurt) afterwards, so we decided, if we found the cache within 5 minutes, we'd go for some FroYo.  Thusly motivated, we found the thing.

Chaco and Wolfgang will be moving into an off-campus apartment.  We found one, but rentals are at a premium so they've had to wait for the move in date - which is this coming week.  Chaco will start  moving while Wolfgang will stay home for the remainder of the summer since his job is nearby.  I won't miss having the hodgepodge of boxes around and am hoping the decluttering will help to reveal Reese the snake.

Yeah, he's STILL at large.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's in one of the many boxes. Could make for an interesting unpacking experience!



ShadowRun300 said...

Very scary what happened in Fenway. I've read she's going to be alright. I certainly hope so.
Nice that you were able to get out on Alice! And great that you've had a break from storms! We've had some pretty nice weather, so I feel awful for what so many of you are going through.
Hopefully the move will finally turn up Reese's hiding spot. It's been the longest game of hide and seek ever.

Riot Kitty said...

That's kind of unnerving that you haven't found your snake!

Abby said...

I'm glad you're having nice weather. Ours has improved, but the backyard is still a marsh.
If Reese had a motto, it would be "Born to Hide"

Abby said...

Yes, I'm admittedly working to keep the nerves together. He's harmless to us humans while out lurking, but I'm worried about his health.

Rock Chef said...

That baseball accident is very sad, a real freak accident!

I always envy your peaceful sports crowds. One of the things that killed my interest in football/soccer was the ridiculous levels of crowd violence. Not something to take the family to in the old days. Now it is just plain too expensive!

terri said...

I have not kept up with the horse racing news, other than to make note of it once the excitement was over. It seems our local track is trying to entice American Pharaoh's owners to bring him here. I'm sure that will generate some local excitement! If it happens, I'll probably just make note from afar, as usual.

Good to hear you're enjoying your time with Alice. She sounds like such an adventurer!

Your volunteer activities make me miss the days when my kids were involved in high school activities and we parents were forced to "volunteer." As reluctant as we might have been, it always ended up being a good time and we got to meet lots of fun people.

You must be happy that you're two oldest boys are willingly moving in together. You know you've done something right when your kids grow up to actually like each other.

Abby said...

It's shocking how violent soccer fans get "over there". But baseball - bring the kids, have a hot dog!

Abby said...

I have no interest in betting, but I love to watch horse racing. Maybe I'll put the Kentucky Derby on my bucket list.
Chaco and Wolfgang got tired of dorm mate drama. Plus it's time to progress from campus living. I think they'll do okay as roommates - as long as they're not home at the same time too often!

Linda Hensley said...

I've been oblivious to all this sports stuff, but since the Cleveland Cavaliers may actually win the whatever they call it I've fallen in and watched basketball. A geocache and yogurt sounds like a perfect day!