Thursday, May 21, 2015

just a small town girl

I was at P.E.O. earlier this week.  It was a sparse turnout.  Many were busy with end-of-school-year activites:  concerts, graduations...  Some of the older ladies were vying for supreme position.

"My granddaughter graduates high school tomorrow!"

"Well MY grandson graduates COLLEGE on Friday!"

"Well, my GREATgranddaughter..."

Then someone said, "Isn't it funny how the kids grow up so fast, yet we stay so young?"

It is pretty funny how that happens.  haha.

Maybe it's hard for our kids to believe that we were once young, that we were teenagers.  When I was around my kids' age, I only imagined my own parents as always being grown ups - the way I'd always known them.  Sometimes I get so busy being a grownup that even I forget that we haven't always been here.

I've got Journey in my head today.  They were a hot band when I was in high school.  Today, Meego has a final in band, and he's playing Don't Stop Believing on the bass.  Naturally he was practicing last night and the tune is majorly stuck, reminding me that I was once a kid.

Frank and what's-her-face
Life seems pretty different for our kids.  Can they imagine a world with no cell phones?  No social media?  No internet?

Still, some things remain the same.  End of school year activities like prom and graduation ceremonies are seen as big deals, although their significance fades pretty quickly.

I hardly remember my senior prom, although I was a royal pain attendant.  Not queen.  It took goose poop to enable me to claim my eventual queendom.

But I remember our dresses and our parasols.  Yes, we carried freaking parasols.  Seems cornball now.  Do prom royals carry parasols these days?

I remember Frank.  He was my chosen non-king.  We'd been friends all through growing up.  He was one of my good friends' boyfriend.  He gave me the obligatory coronation smooch, and the earth moved.  He smelled good.  He lingered a bit longer than necessary.  I like to believe the earth moved for him too.  We never spoke of the smooch moment.  There was that boyfriend-of-my-good-friend thing... Oh yeah, I had a boyfriend too.  But I don't remember much of the night after coronation.

Thanks to Frank.

Or probably someone spiked the punch again.

Blogging with Mama Kat again, for the prompt:
1. Throwback Thursday: Choose a photo from a previous May and write a poem or a blog post.



Angie Ballard said...

Brave you - posting the parasol pic!! I wonder if they DO have Prom Queens and Kings, or Homecoming Kings and Queens. In a time when most schools don't name the graduate with the highest GPA valedictorian, but make the top ten ALL valedictorians surely it would be too hurtful to have just ONE king and queen. Going now to hunt down my hoop-skirt pics - I rocked that with a girl-mullet! LOL!!

lotta joy said...

I never went to my prom, and I remember party line phone service. My mom learned a lot by listening in.

Riot Kitty said...

Neat pic! We didn't have a senior prom at my school. The seniors didn't want one.

terri said...

Oh yeah, I remember the Journey years. I was just thinking of them, how we played the album (yes, vinyl) over and over and over and over that summer.

I went to prom. It wasn't a spectacular time, but I loved my dress. I think we wore much more respectable dresses back in our day. GAH! I just said, "Back in our day!" That's it. I'm old.

Rock Chef said...

Prom is a newish thing over here. My kids have done it/are going to do it, but it was the stuff of movies for me.
Journey were known over here, but were slightly sneered at as "soft rock", unlike real British rock from bands like Black Sabbath. They did some good stuff, though, and Don't Stop Believing has a good thumping bass line...

ShadowRun300 said...

I love that pic - parasol and all!
I attended my prom, but it wasn't the highlight of my high school years. I was thrilled, though, when Amp took his girl to prom. I'm hoping he made some memories.
I'm always taken back to my high school days when I hear a Journey song. Hard to believe that my kids are now that age. (Or older - yikes.) Thanks for reminding us all how old we are....

Mama Kat said...

Yeah I'm convinced that around the age of 30 we all just stop aging. As it should be.

noexcuses said...

Yep, I stopped aging at 35...and that was 20-something years ago! After four guys turned me down for prom, I got real. I loved your kiss...oh the memories! Great post!

agg79 said...

I'm trying to picture you and that dress and a PARASOL. Good lord, What were we thinking back then? Or course, that was back in days of big hair fast cars and Smokey & The Bandit.