Sunday, April 5, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings on this lovely Easter Sunday for those who celebrate, and Happy lovely Sunday otherwise!  We don't celebrate Easter anymore since the kids got older and we coincidentally became Christian rebels.  But it's still a lovely time of year.

And another lovely week has passed.  It just feels nice to be in April instead of March.  I think I got in a nice balance of work and play and feeling useful.

Our local newspaper has a story today about a "Therapeutic Recreation Program" that provides a variety of activities for people with disabilities, injured soldiers, and others.  I'd never heard of it before now.  There are so many worthwhile and fun volunteering opportunities out there, but sometimes  you really have to hunt them down.  Anyway, they got a  nice shot along (a rather clean) goose poop slalom of a group ride from yesterday:


Meego and company had their final percussion competition yesterday at the state championships.  They didn't bring home a trophy, but still put on a great show and had fun doing it.  Competitions are typically held at area high schools, but this one - being state and all -was at a high-faluting event center.  The practice area was quite a ways from the venue, resulting in quite a trek over rough ground for each team to get all their gear to the competition.  Sort of a "caravan of the bells".

Luckily, it was a nice day.  As we were rattling along in the procession, I was thankful that it wasn't snowing or raining, nor was there any snow or mud on the ground.  Maybe there was a plan B in place that wasn't  necessary.  Anyway, it all went off without a hitch, and we didn't have to go all Donner Party in getting to the event center.  

Magnum says he wants to play outside today.  So do I.  Maybe we can get Meego to hang out with us too.  The goose poop is calling.



  1. We had a very unconventional, but fun Easter day. Maybe I'll find time (and gather enough energy) to write about it.
    You all (meaning you Coloradoans) seem to always have some great activity for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Just one more thing to love....
    I'm guessing you were able to talk Meego into playing outside with you and Magnum. Gotta get out there and enjoy April!

  2. I really want to get outside and enjoy April but it keeps raining. I keep reminding myself that means "April showers bring May flowers". Your story about when you worked at the hotel is interesting. I can fold tp too even if I was the absolute worst hotel maid. Sometimes I do that in random places to make people wonder :)

    1. It makes me wonder what 5-star hotel TP folding is like. I've never stayed (nor worked) at a 5-star hotel.

  3. That's really cool to have a group like that. Disabilities can be, unfortunately, so isolating. What am I missing about goose poop?

    1. It's a course in the bicycling app I use. Someone named it "goose poop slalom" for obvious reasons...

  4. State championships of percussion? Now that sounds like a fun event to see and hear! Strange that the practice area would be so far away from the event center, and require trekking all that gear outdoors. Sounds like everyone lucked out with the cooperative weather!