Saturday, March 7, 2015


Yes, that IS an iron back there

My membership with team bifocal became official this week.  It seems like I should have a headache or nausea or car crashes, but... nothing.  So far. I really don't notice much difference, but the doc says I can see better now.  Pffft, like he knows...

Anyway, I went to PEO this morning.  We're rolling over into a new year because this is when our year starts and ends.  They installed me as Veep.

Welp, I figured they'd ask me to fill an office sooner or later, but Vice Prez?  It's generally understood that the VP will be the next Prez, so I guess I'm in the hot seat.  Running Sue was there to commiserate.  She was installed as Secretary.  There was also an opening at Treasurer.  I coulda done Treasurer!

Maybe they don't trust me with the cash.

But apparently they trust me with the gavel.  Like I look competent or something.  Really, it must be the new bifocals.  Maybe I should tell them?



  1. All I can say is, how come the bottom of your iron is so clean? Does it mean you don't use it? :D

    1. I thought a dirty-bottomed iron meant it was ironing something it wasn't supposed to? But yeah, I don't use it much :)

  2. Love the new glasses. They DO lend to a rather intelligent appearance. Also, I think you actually are a pretty smart cookie. Put those two things together and your political appointment was nearly inevitable!

    1. Ha! Well, just don't tell about my private e-mails!

  3. Nice artsy mug... and eye glasses too. You still look very normal.

    Congratulations on getting the VP spot!

  4. Congrats VP! I am sure it was the new stylish BFs that really convinced them you were Vice Presidently. Only one chair away from the top! Now you can start plotting your ascension/take over.

    And I think the picture is scholarly. I kept thinking the iron had some sort of hidden meaning in the shot.