Thursday, November 13, 2014

it was a dark and stormy night...

...and day.  And then another dark stormy night and another dark stormy day and then *sigh*.

It's FWEEZING here as in many other parts of the country, but I'm really not complaining because I have a nice warm house and furry pets.  In fact, I think the pets are suffering more than I am from the cabin fever. Yes, life is good.  This rough weather helps to serve as a reminder.

Earlier today, when I was looking out at the c-c-c-c-cold, I saw a squirrel just hanging out by our tree.  Just sitting there.  I stealthily approached so he wouldn't run off, then I tossed some peanuts toward  him.  The peanuts sliced right into the snow, totally undetected.  Fail.

I often ride downtown to the library there, but I haven't ridden my bike all week because of the cold and ice and snow. I'm thinking of the many homeless people, especially the teens I see around there.  It's already in single digits and could get below zero tonight.

I am missing my quality time with Bella and Alice.  My computer wallpaper isn't helping much

Wait!  Wait!  Take me with you!!

But in the meantime, here is my bro-in-law (Magnum's sister's husband) - a die hard commuter - with his new Fat Bike, ready to roll.

These Fat Bikes are starting to show up locally for snow and ice, but they just look so... so... FAT to me.  As in heavy and slow.  Plus, they're pretty pricey.  I don't see Bella and Alice getting a BIG sister anytime soon

I wonder if I can get a similar chin warmer though?


Anonymous said...

Oh my. She IS fat. But she looks pretty stable. Although I'd still be afraid to ride her.
As for the chin warmer - please don't. A scarf works just as well. And thanks for the warning about what's to come for us weather-wise. We won't be as cold and stormy as you, but it'll be cold and snowy. I'M NOT READY!

Anita said...

I'd opt for a little moped if I just "gotta" be a die hard commuter. The fat bike is new to me; I always know that I can get my biking innovation news here!

Nice of you to feel for the people who are roughing it, and even the little squirrels.

Riot Kitty said...

Die hard, or criteria for civil commitment?! Too fucking cold for me.

Abby said...

I was not ready, but had to adjust. Today got into the 40s and I was overheating!

Abby said...

I dunno, mopeds/vespas look much scarier to me than a bicycle. Out there on the road with the big dogs!

There are shelters - some specifically for teens- which I'm sure have been full. Why that squirrel wasn't in his cozy nest, I'll never know.

Abby said...

I know, chafes the skin just thinking about it! But I know his route, and if I had one of those bikes, I think I'd give it a go!

Jimmy said...

The homeless are the ones I worry about also in this type of weather.

I think for myself I'd need a bit more than a Fat Bike, acclimated to SoCal as we are any temperatures this low just wouldn't cut it.

Stay warm and dream about a Fat Bike for yourself.

terri said...

I saw a guy riding a bike in the midst of one of our blizzards a couple of years ago. His had fat tires, but I don't think they were THAT fat!

I dunno... I guess it's one way to stay warm when it gets this cold! Still, don't see myself trying it. EVER!

I worry about the homeless too. Seems there are never enough shelters for all who need a place to sleep or get out of the cold. Most of us could never imagine how to survive without a home.

agg79 said...

Those are some phat tires. It looks like he could go mudding with them.

I'd say go for the chin warmer. Anything to keep you warm. Down here whenever it falls below 40, people start to act like it is the ice age.

And your cold weather has already arrived down here but we are not ready for it. Can you take it back for a couple of weeks?