Sunday, October 26, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Another lovely week has gone a-flying by!

My maternal in-laws were visiting today.  My Mother-in-law can often be anywhere from mildly to highly socially inappropriate.  Today seemed a pretty mild day, so I'm grateful for that.  It was also an excuse to spend some time with Chaco and Wolfgang as they both joined in for the visit (free food).

Remember last spring when I mentioned being inundated with free promotion junk for a new apartment complex going up near the university?  Well, The Lodges managed to sign several leases with what I'm sure are mostly university students.  And the word is that the place is just a cesspool.  It's party city there with everything bad that goes along with that.  It's like a big dorm without a resident advisor.  It's bad.

Fighting, drug and alcohol abuse, sluttiness, date rape...  Apparently the police have been summoned several times.  What were emaculate, brand new apartments at the beginning of the fall semester are now trashed apartments.

I feel bad for the "good' kids that signed leases and now don't want to be living there.  We did consider it with Chaco and Wolfgang, and I'm SO glad we decided to wait and watch.  I'm also grateful that THEY are grateful to not be living there.  They and their friends aren't into that scene.  Yay.

In other news, we finally won the football pool for last week's NFL games.  Now we can really live high on the hog for a while!  Not.  But like Magnum says, it's not about the money, it's a pride thing.  We have to win at least one week, so it's nice to have gotten that out of our system.

And I don't have a silverliningness photo this week!  Slacker!  Oh wait... here's one I took earlier:

This is the neglected and unruly hill in our back yard.  It's nearly 70' across by 18' deep with an elevation gain of 5'.  I know all of the dimensions because we are about to transform it into a beautiful terraced slope.  Because of it's terrain, we can't mow up there, and so it's a process of industrial strength weedwhacking to keep it from becoming a total jungle.  Nobody likes doing it.

I spent fun time this week looking at rocks and bricks and fountains and patio designs and... well, we've got 13 pallets of wall stone on order.

That's sure to trash all of this nice weather we've been having.



Anonymous said...

How awful! The apartments that is. But YAY that Chaco and Magnum aren't there. Nor do they want to be. Hopefully the apartments will recover and become a place for respectable students to live.
I love your idea of turning your unruly hill into a beautiful slope. Fingers crossed that the weather stays good!
And congrats on the football win! You get to keep your pride! Now, don't you wanna go for two?

Jimmy said...

Ah yes, just attempting to start a project like this will indeed turn the weather in most cases.

Winning the football pool is great, I am with Magnum it's more about the pride than the cash, unless it's a boat load of cash then it's all about the cash and you can be proud of that :)

Abby said...

Yeah, those apartments sounded good on paper, but the reality is BAD bad.
That hill has needed some TLC for a while, and it's time we got a move on!

Abby said...

It's always fun to win. I don't follow football all that much, but it's a friendly competition around Magnum's office. It's not exactly a boat load of cash. Maybe a kayak load?

Guano said...

Sounds like your collective good judgment averted a crisis situation -- NOT a good environment for fledgling adults.

Kids these days!

Abby said...

Sad thing is, I know there are good kids there too. Hopefully they don't turn to the dark side!

Riot Kitty said...

Good luck with the terracing (is that a word?) And glad your kids aren't in that place. Yech.

Rock Chef said...

Please post photos of your work on the terrace - Mrs RC has always wanted to do that!
Good move to stay away from that complex, I can imagine the scene...

Abby said...

Thanks, on both counts!

Abby said...

I'm actually getting some class credit for the landscaping bit, so it will be documented in ridiculous detail. Including photos!
Maybe someone should've done similar planning for those apartments?

terri said...

Anytime family functions go well, it's reason to be grateful. Glad everyone kept their behavior in check!

That's really sad about the apartment complex. What a shame that it's become such a mess so quickly. And I can imagine your relief that your kids avoided the whole thing. Sometimes the latest and greatest isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Oh, the yard project sounds fun! (Or maybe not so fun, but rewarding.) Can't wait to see progress reports!

Rebecca S. said...

Yikes...those apartments do sound bad! I am very glad your boys escaped that disaster. I hope Murphy's Law doesn't take over your landscape plans!

Anita said...

I'm back to leave my "always profound" thoughts after spending 2 minutes commenting before, only to see the comment go poof! :) Okay, so not profound, but I am going to beat Blogger at this challenge.

Anyway, I'm wondering if that is a good, old fashioned clothesline there and do you use it?

Secondly, I like your, uh, rustic backyard. It reminds me of childhood - playing in open fields and making mud pies. Surely, you will keep us updated with pics and prose, with humor thrown in as you transform your space.

And the last thing I'm saying again, it that my 1st year college girl is seeking off campus housing next year. She's already friends with a geek/nerd/fun crowd, so she "should" be ok? Fingers crossed and knock on wood.