Sunday, September 28, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings and salutations on this final Sunday of September.  We've been enjoying a lovely start to fall, that doesn't really feel like fall just yet.

This was a good and productive week.  My tutoring calendar has cleared somewhat, and it's nice to have that breathing room.  Another couple of weeks and it will clear even more, settling into a gentle schedule of "just enough".

This time of year, the deer start getting more active - looking to score.  So they move around more than usual and have been popping up in several areas.  It always makes me wonder where they are the rest of the year?

A friend of mine got this shot near her house:

SOURCE:  Abby's friend

Last night, Magnum and I were out walking China after dark when we came upon a good-looking buck behind our house.  A few steps later was another larger buck.  They both just looked at us curiously while China planned her escape.  I wondered where Cat Napolion was.  He's taken out quite a bit of the bunny and gopher populations.  I wouldn't put it passed him to try the buck challenge.

I've seen them on the bike path, too, thankfully off in the vegetation instead of while coming around a blind corner.  I've decided that I'd much rather be stung by a bee - especially since that's going to make me look like Kate Middleton - than be in a collision with a deer.  Last week, a woman walking her dog gave me a warning, "Careful, there's a doe just ahead", and I had that "Doe, a deer... " song playing in my head the rest of the ride home.

But at least it wasn't the lesbian sauna song, right, LottaJoy?

In movie news, Magnum and I watched The Robber,  an interesting movie based on the true story of a bank robber who was also a renowned runner in Austria.   I like a foreign film now and than as I get tired of Hollywood and I've never really traveled. If it had just been a movie, it wouldn't have been as interesting, but since it was a true story... this one was okay.  Left a lot of questions, but a nice little escape.



LL Cool Joe said...

Your friend took a great photo. We get deer in our garden all year round, but they never get close enough for a good photo, especially with that kind of backdrop! The weather here in the Uk has been lovely too. Warm and sunny, anything that makes the winter a little shorter is good to me!

Anonymous said...

I love that fall brings out the deer. Then again it saddens me when they get struck by vehicles, or worse yet, runners and bikers. Your friend's picture looks like a fairy tale!
I'm happy you're settling into "just enough". Sounds heavenly. And keep enjoying this not-so-fall fall weather we're having!

Abby said...

In our neighborhood, they're usually munching on the gardens, but my friend lives out where the deer are more likely to be caught just hanging out like this group.

Abby said...

Sadly, the deer do occasionally get hit by cars - not good for either party. I've honestly never heard of a bicycle vs. deer, and hopefully that's a good sign.
Two more weeks to "just enough", but who's counting?

Riot Kitty said...

I guess running skills would be handy if you were leading a life of crime? You live near a lot of nature!

Ms. CrankyPants said...

You know, I came across a good-looking buck behind our house the other night...but that's not at ALL an appropriate story to share here.

Lovely picture. Good job, Abby's friend! And I agree with LL Cool Joe - the backdrop is dreamy.

Abby said...

The film suggested that he robbed banks to motivate his training, so it was kinda the other way around!

Abby said...

I like how the deer are all just looking at the camera as if saying, "Oh great... we're gonna be on facebook again *sigh*"

terri said...

That's an amazing picture of the deer! Your friend's got photographic skillz!

And yes, please avoid having a run-in with one of them while out riding!

agg79 said...

Amazing picture of the deer. When I first saw the picture, I thought, DANG, those mouse in mousetown have gotten BIG. Definitely don't want to run into one of those on the trail.

You have a knack for finding some of the more interesting movies. Running and bank robbing - an interesting combination.