Tuesday, August 26, 2014

update randomness

Okay, do you hear it?  How quiet it is?  If not for the splashing of the toad waterfall, I think I'd feel like I was in a vacuum.  Glad we got that toad waterfall.

Chaco and Wolfgang are, as far as I know, all settled into their dorms.  There are still a few remnants of their stuff at the house that they will eventually retrieve, but compared to last week's clutterfest, I'm happy. The semester began yesterday, and I think we were all ready to get going.

I spent Sunday visiting my parents again, so Monday I was still kind of getting caught up.  But I started my classes and, so far, I LOVE them!  I know, it's only been one day, but I think by this time last year I was already having doubts about that other program which shall not be mentioned.

I only have two classes since the master's program is designed for people who currently work full-time.  In fact, it's recommended to just take one class per semester, but I told them I worked part-time, so the advisor told me to go for two if I wanted.  I wanted.  They're both lovely.

So, we're off and running and everything is awesome.  We watched The Lego Movie over the weekend, and I canNOT get that song out of my head!  But, I suppose it's appropriate, at least.

Speaking of off and running, I'm doing the American Discovery Trail Marathon on Labor Day Monday.  Well, not exactly...  I'm DOING the marathon as in, I'm working the mile-17 aid station.  Just a bit different than actually running the thing!

The running organization I joined earlier this year organizes this popular event, which requires plenty of volunteers.  I haven't done any volunteering yet, although I've reaped membership benefits.  Time to give back.  My post is also a relay-exchange point, so it should be fun duty.  Hopefully the weather will be good.

I know we officially have a few more weeks of summer, but for me, summer unofficially ends on Labor Day weekend.  It was a nice summer, and fall isn't looking too shabby.


Rock Chef said...

Everything is awesome! :-)
That was a good movie - to my mind anyway!
Hope you enjoy the aid station role - I am sure it will be fun to see things from a different side...

Abby said...

We all enjoyed the movie too. But that song... make it stop!

Guano said...

I will confess here that I've written in a few HS yearbooks left on our table by our kids' friends: "You are like the Lego Move -- Everything (about you) is Awesome! Me, I don't finish anyth" .... and of course I don't sign a name.

I like the part where her plastic hair swirls (ok, rotates) on her head in slow motion. Cracked me up. But seeing it by myself on a plane, I thought the movie was kinda meh -- and now I can't get that song out of MY head, thankyouverymuch!

Cool you're working a trail marathon and digging school!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the sound of nothing. But only because it's a rarity.
I'm thrilled you love your new classes! It'll be such a fun year for you! Double the excitement! :)
I haven't seen The Lego Movie. Is it worth seeing - considering the song stays with you?
Working the aid station sounds like a great change of pace. All the excitement of running without actually running. Hmmm.... since I'm not quite up and running yet... perhaps I should be the water girl!

Abby said...

Your yearbook comments: Oh, broth...
I liked the plastic hair swirls too. I tried to get mine to do it, but so far, nothing.

Abby said...

You must see the Lego Movie if only to get the song stuck in your head!
I think the aid station will be fun. Participant vs. water girl - same diff, right?

agg79 said...

Good to hear the new school year is off and running.
I haven't gotten to the Lego Movie but I will bump it up in the queue. I'm still working my way through the Dallas Buyers Club and House of Cards.

Nice way to support the runners. If you cannot run, work a table. I'm sure you will see some action at mile 17. Just keep in mind that the only thing more boring than running a Marathon is sitting on the sidelines (Worst. Parade. Ever.).

CiCi said...

You sound upbeat and positive throughout the post. Glad your classes are so far getting and A+ even if early yet.

Abby said...

We'll see if I can talk Meego into joining me at the Worst. Parade. Ever. Nothing like spending the day off from school picking up discarded drink cups!

Abby said...

Yes, I have all A's AND perfect attendance! So far!

Rock Chef said...

That was the whole point of it! It was like one of those songs they force the winners of X-Factor to sing!

terri said...

Oh yeah. I hear the quiet. Also kind of noticed the lack of long dark hair all over the bathroom floor and the noticeably smaller mountain of laundry.

Good to hear you're enjoying your classes and new program! And good on you for volunteering for the running organization. I have no doubt you'll have fun, even if you're a little jealous that you're not actually out there running!