Monday, August 4, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday on Monday

I spent yesterday visiting my parents, and the Silver Liningness on Sunday post didn't happen, but there's no law against SL Mondays! 

We did get a lot of rain last week, which despite my whining, was a nice break from the heat in the middle  of summer.  The weeds would agree as would the bugs, who took advantage of the conditions and turned it into a bug wild sex fest, apparently.  Many offspring.

But it was all just prelude to a wonderful end-of-week.  On Saturday, Wolfgang and four friends formed a team and Ran For Rwanda.  Their team took first place.  Wolfgang's running buddy Claire, the lone girl on the team, took first overall for the women in typical blazing fashion.

Wolfgang says there's a trophy somewhere.  I challenge anyone to go into that bedroom and find it.

While Alice and I were enjoying more quiet endeavors yesterday morning, we were joined by an early morning balloon.  While you couldn't pay me to go up in one, they do create a tranquil scene. 

In  movie news, we watched Fast and Furious 6.  Lots of action that would be impossible and stunts that real people would never survive.  It's like Sharknado with cars and better looking people.  Exactly what I expected.

I'm down to just two tutees for a while, and it's nice to have more playtime and catching-up time in the schedule. Maybe I should make a list to keep me on the straight and narrow.



  1. No lists! Just say NO! It is summer, for crying out loud!

    I love to watch hot air balloons, too...

  2. I hate to vary from my list. It is sacred. Wake up, rest. And that's before I even attempt to GET up.

  3. Even Mondays can have silver linings. And yours are quite good!
    Congrats to Wolfgang and his team! All due to girl power, I'm sure. (Didn't he run this race last year too?)
    I'm with you on the hot air balloon. No desire to ride in one, but boy are they beautiful and peaceful to admire in the distance.
    And enjoy these last few weeks of no lists. It won't be long before you'll HAVE to make 'em. (Says someone who can't hardly make it through a day without doing SOMEthing.)

    1. Yes, this was the race where Wolfgang and his friends painted their torsos in a rendition of the Rwandan flag. Good memory! They didn't have the girl power then - maybe she rejected the painted torso idea.

      I guess the first thing on my list is to make a list...

  4. Way to go, Team Wolfgang! And extra congrats to the bad*ss girl for taking first among the women.

    Agree - hot air balloons are fun to look at but I have no desire to get in one and be up high in the sky.

    Can't help myself, I do love those Fast/Furious movies, every one of 'em. Haven't seen #6 yet, but I'm sure a copy of it will find its way into the house soon enough.

    1. I admit that I enjoy all the action and camaraderie of the F&F movies once I suspend reality!

  5. I like avoiding wild bug sex fests, personally.

  6. Kudos to Team Wolfgang on kicking butt in the run. And I've learned to never discount those chicas who can run circles around a lot of people. Hopefully the bug sex fest will not deter you from taking Bella out for a few trail miles.